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Members of staff on Echoes who are available to run scenes, plots, etc.




Name: Unicorn
Availability: After 2pm CST
Spheres or Genres: Vampire
Notes: I can run just about anything, specializing in feeding/hunting scenes, dark and horrifying, character development, combat, investigation, and plot.



Name: Stormbreaker
Availability: ~12p - 12a EST, Scheduled
Spheres or Genres: Vampire, Mortal/+
Notes: I focus on one-offs and mini-arcs for solos and small (2-4 players in a scene) groups. Want to put your character through hell? I can help with that. Want to grow via nightmares and trauma? Yup, that too. Random absurd encounters that make you question whether that drink was spiked with some new age designer drug? I gotchou. Let me know what you're looking to accomplish or experience and we'll schedule a time.



Name: Occidental
Availability: Varies
Spheres or Genres: Werewolf, Mortal/+
Notes: I can run almost anything, but tend to prefer meaningful and character driven scenes. Preference given for groups of 6 or less, but can work with larger settings depending upon the situation and time allowance available. My range varies across the spectrum from light and social to dark and intense. Primary focus is given to Werewolf, but can run the other scenes if needed.



Volunteers from our player base who are willing to run scenes, plots, etc for their fellow players.




Name: Byron
Availability: Mostly 7pm to 11pm Central, Sun-Thu.
Spheres or Genres: Mortal, Vampire
Notes: I'm rather new to running scenes online but would love to give it a go.

I enjoy scenes that contain character development so would love to do backstory scenes or scenes where your character(s) pursue their aspirations. But also mood scenes like feeding for vampires or hints of the supernatural for mortals. Not above a good old adventure or action scene though.

I tend to darker scenes, it is the world of darkness after all. :) But I won't turn down lighter requests.



Name: Solitaire
Availability: 8pm - 12am PST; Scheduled
Spheres or Genres: Vampire
Notes: I am open to running feeding/hunting scenes as well as socials scenes. I am also good with running scenes for those of the Lancea Sanctum. Need a personal PRP run? Please just reach out and let me know as long as it is vampire related.