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Gangster of the Dead
on MUX as
Played by
Jimmy Q
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
Lord Andras Sangiovanni, Executor of the First Estate, Childer of The Right Honorable Alder Fiona Sangiovanni, Marquis and Minister of Budapest, Advisor, Senator and Librettist of the first estate.
Alternate Identities
Date of Birth
Oct 30 1919
Apparent Age
Mid twenties




People fear death even more than pain. It's strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah, I guess it is a friend..

Jim Morrison




La Morte Spettro


La Morte Spetro prides itself on being the oldest continuously running Cigar Lounge in the State. The Lounge having been located in the Belmont District of the city for generations.

Main Room: Public Hangout;Private Lounge: Vampire Hangout;Crypts and beyond: Mehket Hangout


Family man..


Andras came to Portland to look after his great granddaughter after the death of his granddaughter and her husband in a car accident. For the moment watching from afar.. and waiting.


Original Gangster


While the term gangster these days might draw up images of sagging pants and colorful bandannas Andras himself comes from the old school traditions and ways of the original gangsters of the 20s,30s and 40s.


Loan Shark..


Need a loan? Well perhaps we can deal.. I might just have what you need.. If you can handle the price.




Andras is a veteran of the pacific theater of war in World War 2. Did you serve? Did a grandparent? Maybe you met him..or have seen him in a photograph..




Andras is a broker in many things.. From hard to find items of questionable legality and information to favors.. Rumor has it there might even be a few darker things he deals in even...


Dark Dreams..


More than any other clan, the Mekhet dream. And sometimes, between bizarre, gory, awful dreams of death and transformation and blood, they dream of places they haven’t been to and people they haven’t yet met. Sometimes, during some later night, they find themselves going to those places or meeting those people..












Life is tragedy dear girl, This is the truth of the world.. Both the one you know and the one that for now you will learn of.. A spitting image of your grandmother, A spitting image of my little girl..And that scent. You are her and she is you.. There is no denying it..nor your fate and future as mine.





Ah the beautiful devil's advocate, And sister in Shadows.. I look forward to those future talks. A sassy one to be certain, I wonder though what's beneath that sass.





She is an odd one, I do not think madness may have strayed far from this one. But only further study will show the truth..



Quinn Ashe


An interesting woman, She speaks of soccer moms and family. It is..a condition not often seen amongst our kind. I look forward to learning more about the Harpy..



Hellcat Henry Pettygrove


The viscous Archon and Primogen of Invictus, A interesting man, Something tells me there might be some common ground there beyond the covenant.. Best of luck and that timeless game with Teddy





Andras was born in 1919, Just a year after the end of the Great War to a Hungarian mother and an Italian father who had been a first generation immigrant to America. With the end of the war and having met a young woman in the area he was stationed his father returned home with a new wife in tow. Growing up Andras was raised as the oldest of a family of 6 children. By the time the great depression he was forced to grow up even faster. Instead assisting his father in thefts and armed robbery. And so that was his life for several years, Crime and trying to avoid punishment. The means to survive the collapse of the financial markets becoming a way of life for Andras. This would be the way of things for several years for the man until the outbreak of World War 2. Andras quickly joining up with the tragedy of Pearl Harbor going into the Navy. He would serve in the South Pacific for the majority of his time in the service ending up embraced after a bar brawl in 1946 in Venice Italy while visiting his father’s family home which near cost him his life. Had it not been for the kiss the man would have been another dead GI, And with the great loss of life from the war to the family he seemed to be given a reprieve.. Since that night and having discovered the truth of his family and what he is.. He has made a unlife for himself moving from city to city tugging at the strings of organized crime from the shadows while seeking out more knowledge for himself..and while seeking out what remains of his mortal family.. and the child he had discovered while overseas that had been born…


Communications Breakdown
(2020-04-06) Andras makes an offer to the Invictus, and does not handle being rebuffed well.
Location  • La Morte Spettro
Cast  • Andras Sean Aedan Callahan Number Five John Bishop
The Shadows meet in the crypt
(2019-07-09) A meeting of the Mekhet clan in the crypts beneath La Morte Spettro
Location  • La Morte Spettro (Common area of the crypts beneath the cigar lounge)
Cast  • Quinn Ashe Byron Prescott Nicola Andras
Happily Never After
(2019-07-04) A group of Kindred gather to do battle with a Strix.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid Location (Ape Cave)
Cast  • Nolan Carter Andras Character:LurkCharacter:AlistairVictoria Chase
Marco? Polo!
(2019-06-27) A band of intrepid Kindred hunt down Marco Ferrari Giovanni, the naughty necromancer.
Cast  • Tiarnan Nolan Carter Andras Ursula Antoun Iain Fremont Mikael
Candy and Snacks
(2019-06-25) Piano-playing and politics in Elysium. With added discussion of (arm-)candy and snacks, a.k.a. ghouls.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Andras Catriona Alleyne Morgan Nicola