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Avraham Ben-David

Goetic attorney
on MUX as
Played by
Oded Fehr
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
Avraham Yosef Ben-David
Date of Birth
May 28 1993
Apparent Age




The Elevator Pitch

Most people joke about lawyers making deals with the devil. Avi actually does it — and makes sure to always get the better of the deal.

Mundane Life

Avi was born in Tel Aviv to American-Israelis and spent his life as a professional expatriate. Boarding school in Geneva, spring break in Ibiza, the holy days in Jerusalem — a life of wealth and privilege. After graduating from Harvard Law he spent the next five years as a junior partner at a small boutique firm that didn't advertise and which went mostly overlooked. Having spent five years practicing in Massachusetts, he recently relocated to Portland to set out his own shingle and enjoy the weirdness that is Stumptown.

Awakened Life

Pandemonium summoned Avi on a year-long Supernal journey that lasted one weekend. Over the course of a year in a hellscape he learned he was in the last-ditch triage unit for the soul: Pandemonium is as awful as it is because many souls will not respond to lesser methods. He was set with a choice: accept the truth of his self-inflicted spiritual maiming, how he'd betrayed and abused his own soul on the easy narcotics of "what choice did I have?" … or die clutching to the Lie he was not responsible for his choice to ignore his choices.

When one puts it that way, what choice did he — no, to choose to live is, must be, one's own choice: or else what meaning is one's life?

Finally embracing radical responsibility for his choices Pandemonium allowed him to return to the Fallen World. He apprenticed to a legendary Mastigos/Guardian named Cameron Tate and spent five years learning everything he could of the old warlock's wisdom.

For all that, though, Avi — or "Cavalier" as he was known to the Awakened World — didn't follow in his mentor's footsteps. Where Cameron Tate and his fellow Guardians insisted the laws of the Awakened must be enforced more than they must be understood, Avi believed differently: it is more important to understand the Lex Magica than to enforce it. This led him to joining the Silver Ladder rather than the Guardians. During the five years he was apprenticed to Tate, Avi's job was to provide low-level coordination between the Silver Ladder and the Guardians.

After five years Avi was overdue to head out on his own. When Portland's Awakened put out a call looking for a Ladder with liaison experience to work with local Mystery Cults, Avi put his hat in the ring and was selected to serve. And thus, he's arrived in Portland.




The Mastigos


They throw incredible parties. You want an invitation.


The Silver Ladder


Awakened society has an aristocracy and he's part of it. Need a hook into the magical equivalent of high society? Put on your best robes and knock on his door.


Lex Magica


The Awakened have a legal code and attorneys who specialize in it. If you need an expert on the Lex Magica, he's available.




Are you involved in Portland's legal scene? Avi's been shaking hands at bar association meetings: perhaps he knows you from one.


High Society


Fluent in several languages, classically educated, well-dressed, and with the all-important Harvard alumni membership (Class of 2014!), he's definitely part of the see-and-be-seen crowd.


Wine, Women, and Song


Pandemonium is the path of wisdom through wretched excess. Maybe you've closed down a few bars with him, told each other lies about your karaoke performances, or maybe you learned he was sleeping with your girlfriend.


GotV: With Friends Like These…


He spent years as a liaison between the Guardians and the Silver Ladder. Need someone to run interference with the Council as you boldly Do What Must Be Done? He's your man.










Outreach Initiative



He's not a member, and yet seems to wield influence over the organization.








A reliable woman in unreliable times.



Brendan Phillips


I'm not paid to be his friend.



Rowan McKenna


Saved your dog for you.



Jonathon Perkins


Have a swift recovery.



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