Ben Dalby

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Ben Dalby

on MUX as
Played by
Thomas Davenport
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
Benjamin Thomas Dalby
Alternate Identities
Stray (Shadow Name)
Date of Birth
Apparent Age
Late 20s




Ben Dalby grew up in Portland, OR. He was "in the system" from the time that he was young and ran away from most places he was allowed to sleep. He began roaming the streets, doing odd jobs here and there -- not all of them entirely legal, and began developing a reputation for knowing where things and people could be found. Ben liked people. He liked learning their stories, their personalities, about their families, and he would talk to everyone that he would meet, developing relationships with local business owners, people on the street, and pretty much anyone that he came across. Portland was his city, and its people were all his people. He seems to feel at home wherever he goes -- from seedy bars to cocktail parties. He's always looking for something -- whether that's to explore the latest nook and cranny he's found down a side street he hasn't explored, or the story of the next stranger he encounters at the bus stop.




Friend of the People


Charming, gregarious, impetuous, and always looking to get to know people. Ben likes pretty much anyone who doesn't give him a reason not to, and so he tends to know people wherever he goes. Feel free to say you've met him somewhere.


City Walker


He knows the city, where to find things, where to find places. Need to know where to get ice cream at 3am or where to hear some good jazz? He usually knows a place.




Acanthus, House of Ariadne, follower of the threads of Fate with an interminable curiosity.





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Valgeir Jónsson


Viking. Fiance. Puts up with Ben's spontaneous shenanigans.



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