Dayana Oliver

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Dayana Oliver

E-Zine Reporter & Hacker
on MUX as
Played by
Eiza Gonzales
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
Dayana Christina Oliver
Alternate Identities
Dayana Christina
DC (editor)
Date of Birth
November 26, 1990
Apparent Age
Mid-Late Twenties




A recent transplant from Chicago, Dayana has relocated to the city with her significant other, Eric. A woman of insatiable curiosity, she is forever poking her nose in places it does not belong. A known journalist for an online tabloid magazine, "Splash", her stories are notorious for being colorful at best and highly outlandish at worst. She appears to be looking to make a new start and perhaps... just perhaps become a legitimate writer after all.




Sing Us a Song You're the Piano-woman


Dayana experienced a brief spot of fame during her earlier years in Los Angeles within the local music scene. Singer, songwriter, and pianist - perhaps you happened upon one of her shows or were once a fan?




Dayana is always on the search for sources of information and sensational stories. Have a story you want to tell? Need stuff investigated? She may be your girl.


Dirty Little Secret


Dayana does not always get her information through legit means. The woman is rumored to be somewhat of a hacker as well. Need some research done? She might be able to assist.


Walking in a Constant Sleeper Land


Dayana has only recently been able to dispel the Lie as the curtains hiding all the dirty Supernatural secrets have parted before her. She's not entirely sure what it all means, but she is definitely adjusting.


I'm So Addicted to All the Things...


Dayana is a former drug addict and has recently received her 5-year chip. She is very proud of her sobriety and attends regular 'NA' meeting. Perhaps you are a fellow recovering addict? Adversary looking to drag her back off the wagon? Or current addict in need of sponsoring? Look her up.










Eric Owens


The Boyfriend - Who would've thought a chance meeting would turn into a full blown relationship. Yet here she is relocating cities to be with him. She is beginning to learn the hard way that his world is way more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.





Nice guy and fellow recovering addict. She's not sure if he will stick with the program but hopes he will. Then again, not everyone can battle their demons the first time around.



Demons on the Church Steps
(2020-05-20) After seeking solace at the same NA meeting, Day stumbles into Mikey's life quite literally.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Outside a Small Church)
Cast  • Dayana Oliver Mikael