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Deirdre O'Shaughnessy

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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
August 20th
Apparent Age




Most think memory is a blessing. To me, it's a curse. It was so much better, not remembering.

I am from Eire. Birthed during the early 19th Century.

I come from County Roscommon, in Tulsk. Me father was a farmer. I had three older brothers, but I was the emerald of my father's eye, being the only girl. As a child I used to play in the ruins of Rathcroghan, once the home of Queen Medb and the seat of the Kings of Connacht and then to the High Kings of Eire. I would dream of great battles, the Goddess-queen and her husbands, and the Tuatha De Danann, and pretend I could one day be like her. But alas, my father foresaw the famine coming. He could sense it in his dwindling crops. So he took us away from my beloved Ireland and to America -- where for me, there were no more dreams to be had.

I remember the Trail of Tears. I remember my father bein' hired by Andrew Jackson to assist in 'relocation'. I remember the death and the sufferin' and I recall when we were attacked by murderous thieves and my family being slaughtered. Myself and my mum were protected by the surviving Cherokee and taken on to Oklahoma, but my mother died on the way from sickness. I was raised then by the Cherokee.

And then came Tiarnan Aed Mac Ruaidhri Ua Conchobair.

And then came the abandonment.

And then came the slavery.

And then came the heartbreak.

Now I am coming. I am coming with a rage.

And the rage of 195 years will be something to see.






Nasty word. Spent the last century with a monster of a Regnant, too. If ever a fellow ghoul needs advice on survival or just an ear...


Pub Owner


Founded Four Green Fields, an authentic Irish pub. Aims to get it back, even if it means bloody murder.




If it can die, she can kill it.












I remember everything now.



Hellcat Henry Pettygrove


Och. Never thought I'd end up with a cat, o'er a wolf, but... here I am. And thankful for it.



Barbara McNamara


Can we skip the formalities and just be best pals already?



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