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Eamonn O'Kelly

Spiritual Attorney.
on MUX as
Played by
Michael Weatherly
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
Eamonn Michael O'Kelly
Date of Birth
October 31 1940
Apparent Age




Recently rearrived in Portland after twelve years away. Looking to carve out his own piece and existence in this city. Ambitious and cunning, smart and loyal to his cause and people. He is devoted to his principles and people. A student of law and an attorney in life gives him a very unique perspective on kindred society and politics. Eamonn as a former legal professional was all about learning protocol and decorum. As of recently he as made Primogen for the Sanctified. A duty he takes very seriously. He desires to bring his Covenant back to at least being trusted.






Eamonn is of the clan of Lords. Noble of heart and mind. Hes wealthy and knowledgeable and in his mind there are no greater powers than money and knowledge. Are you a Lord, or a ghoul of one? Are you friends with Lords?




Eamonn is a devoted member of the Sanctified. Deeply involved in the Church and spiritual hes very devout in his faith. Are you Sanctified? Curious about the Church? Or even just some one who wishes to attend services?




In his mortal life Eamonn was a prosecuting attorney. Are you a cop? Or another attorney? Want to talk legal stuff?




Eamonn has recently accepted appointment to the Primogen council. Do you have concerns about how the Church is represented? Or ideas on how to make things better for the Church in the Praxis?


The Castle


Eamonn owns the new club in town The Castle. The main floor a public Goth club. But downstairs a Members only VIP BDSM club known as The Dungeon with its very own Chapel. Just someone whos Goth and loves the club scene? Or are you VIP who loves to get kinky?





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Nolan Carter


Good guy, former Primogen and current scourge. He vouched for me to gain the Primogen seems like a good friend.



Madeleine Beach


My Priscus and Bishop a beautiful woman and very straight forward. Ill serve her and the Church to my fullest ability.





An interesting character. Shes into solving mysteries. She could be fun to pick her brain



Ursula Antoun


Interesting woman freely feeds into her lust. She seems nice and is a beautiful woman. I wont hold her being of the Circle against her.





Ursulas pet ghoul extremely devoted to her seems to definitely know his position.



Iain Fremont


Fellow Primogen, Voice of the Movement. Nice enough fella a bit stiff though.



Santino Crea


Sonny seems to be a bit more reserved than some Ive met.





Interesting and kind, new but learning quickly.



Number Five


Shes intriguing to say the least. Could be helpful with investigations.



Catriona Alleyne


Shes nice and knows her roll, she does well in her position shes a valuable asset.





Sweet, sexy, smart and oh so tempting. She seems almost perfect. I must make her mine.



Micaela Garcia


My world, my ghoul, my love, my little brat. She keeps me grounded and in touch with my humanity. I dont know what Id do without her.



June Kindred Court
(2020-06-09) The Kindred of Portland gather for June Court
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(2019-07-08) The newly-appointed research lead manages to snare a couple of victims/recruits...
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A Night in Elysium
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This Aswang is a Manananggalan
(2019-07-01) A chance encounter in Elysium turns into another (extensive) warning from Catriona, and an unexpected promotion for the Info-Dump Ghoul
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Elysian Exposition
(2019-06-19) Having returned to the scene of Sheriff vs. Sheriff, Catriona finds herself trying to explain some of what happened. A broader discussion and briefing ensues...
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Cast  • Alexia Catriona Alleyne Eamonn O'Kelly Number Five Santino Crea
The Next Steps
(2019-06-18) Nolan and Eamonn speak.
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