Giovanna Bivar

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Giovanna Bivar

Circus Freak
on MUX as
Played by
Mariane Charline
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
Giovanna Bivar
Date of Birth
5 25 1993
Apparent Age




A sturdy young woman with a bronze complexion was the vehicle holding this mess together. Tousled locks of dark hair flew about on their own volition, waving about with the same untamed energy as the rest of her. She is rarely seen sitting still. There was always something being fiddled with in her hands, climbed on, or balanced on her oversized nose.
She is not particularly clean. That isn't to say she is caked in filth, but the slight shine on her brow and grit beneath her nails is what one might expect of a woman who jumps randomly into handstands. The smooth appearance of her tanned skin is broken up with a scattering of scars one might expect of a woman who occasionally falls performing handstands or other odd stunts. Her voice also carries a scratchy quality to it, as though it has been as equally abused as the rest of her. The raspy tone gives her speech some character, but is far from the sweet angelic voice of a song bird.
Her outfits are generally very chaotic and colorful, and consist of a spattering of random accessories. She does not dress to impress, but dresses to stand out, choosing bold, bright colors in unusual combinations. Any makeup or other adornments often carry a similar theme.




A Three Ring Circus


Gigi grew up in the circus, and displays a wide variety of mostly useless, but impressive talents of dexterity and danger.




Do you like to drive fast, and live on the edge? Gigi has a tendency to push the limits. She claims they are calculated risks, but her wild stunts borderline on reckless.


Jack of All Trades...


... At least trades along the minimum wage spectrum. She can be found working almost anywhere and doing just about anything, but for some reason, can't hold a job for very long.


Alcoholics Anonymous


She has been almost a fully year sober... off and on... sometimes. At least she attends meetings regularly.


It's Broken!


Whether it is a broken finger or a broken phone, almost anything in her vicinity is at risk of being destroyed or damaged.




A mage that does magic tricks? This seems oddly satirical.


The Bionic Woman


Gigi comes with extra hardware. She claims to be put together with nuts and bolts. This is a little more than a simple 'tongue in cheek' description, as she has actually had her knee and hip replaced.


¿Se Habla Español?


A Spanish speaker. She will happily ramble on in English or Spanish.