Hellcat Henry Pettygrove

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Hellcat Henry Pettygrove

Union Buster
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
The Ever Vicious Archon of Portland, Mister Henry Pettygrove, childe of the Most Ungenerous Commissioner, Viscount of Portland, Lord Albert Philip Church, grandchilde of the Always Persuasive Advocate, Baroness of Kirkham, Lady Maryland Miller of the Passing Roads, and great grandchilde of the Haunted Wild, the Duke of the Isle of Man, Lord Malcolinus Wood.
Date of Birth
Apparent Age




'Hellcat' Henry was an odd bedfellow of the Revolution of 08', siding with the new republic for personal reasons rather than ideology. A Gangrel of dangerous order, he first walked the earth in mortal shoes back in the 1920s as a Union Buster and Rum Runner for various criminal patrons. It was reported that things went south for him in some fashion, and he slept off some sour nights in the ground until the around 1999. Once he had risen again, he was titled Archon by the Inner Circle and served the First Estate faithfully until the old regime was replaced. In 08', he signed the new constitution and rose to the station of Primogen.


Stand And Fight
(2020-05-09) The Gangrel meet to choose a Priscus their way, with the very real threat of the mists tainting the restraint and resolve of all comers.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid Location (Lurk's Haunted Shore)
Cast  • Lurk Frances Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Tiarnan Fen Deirdre O'Shaughnessy
The Witch and the Cat
(2019-08-11) Ursula invites Henry to speak privately in regards to the events of tonight's Court.
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
August 2019 Assembly
(2019-08-11) The Republic gathers for its monthly Assembly with a fairly boring agenda spiced up by salacious stares and revelations. The question of Domain remains in the air.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • John Bishop Iain Fremont Character:AlistairCharacter:LurkUrsula Antoun Tiarnan Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Quinn Ashe Fen Byron Prescott Alexia Doris
My Ghoul is Better than Yours
(2019-08-08) Information is exchanged.
Cast  • Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Deirdre O'Shaughnessy
On the Subject of Deirdre
(2019-07-31) Old wounds addressed.
Cast  • Tiarnan Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
A Matter of Status
(2019-07-28) The unfortunate death of a grape farmer leads Henry to reflect on the security and status of the Invictus headquarters.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Arden Della Valle
Stuck in the Middle with You
(2019-07-26) A mess shows up at Henry's door.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
(2019-07-22) Matters of the clan turn to something more personal between John and Arden, when expectations are put on the table.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Arden Della Valle John Bishop
The Elder Who Came to Tea
(2019-07-22) An Invictus Elder awakens from torpor and drops in on other members of the Covenant at Lovejoy's Lodge.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Arden Della Valle Hellcat Henry Pettygrove John Bishop
About Quinn
(2019-07-20) Henry's a curious cat and Fen's not budging.
Cast  • Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Fen
Gifts from a Milanese
(2019-07-05) A newly arrived Invictus introduces herself to the Primogen of Portland, and offers a gift of esteem to the members of the Inner Circle.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • John Bishop Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Arden Della Valle
Council Meeting 6/5/19
(2019-06-05) The Council meets with some Kindred and ghouls in attendance to try to hash out the thorny issue of enemies from Seattle and within, as well as procedural issues. Bureaucracy prevails.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Iain Fremont Ursula Antoun Tiarnan Astrid Dahl Leonie de Bettignies Quinn Ashe Nolan Carter Victoria Chase Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Fen
The Advocate's Equation
(2019-06-03) A new Unconquered arrives with designs on settling into the Praxis.
Cast  • Andrew StJohn John Bishop Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
A Traitor's Win
(2019-05-22) Henry takes a road trip to meet a rival, working out some rage issues.
Cast  • Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
The Knight's Arrival
(2019-04-02) Henry welcomes a new Knight to Portland.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Elvis Rampart Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
The Tin Star
(2019-03-28) A talk about appointing a sheriff.
Cast  • Tiarnan Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Nolan Carter
Santa Maria
(2019-03-05) A group of Kindred discover a new threat, and the Sanctified Primogen is killed.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Maria's Church)
Cast  • Nolan Carter Tiarnan Character:Anastasiya AlexandrescuDoranLoki FenKevin O'Brien Amelia Greene Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
A Fair Price
(10/3/2019) What's the going exchange rate on a trained ghoul these days?
Cast  • Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Tiarnan