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John Bishop

Undead theologian
on MUX as
Played by
Alan Rickman
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
January 12, 1901
Apparent Age




Few people have ever heard the name John Bishop, except for financiers, bankers, and others connected to large money assets. Bishop is a financial counselor to megachurches, guiding them and their money through a complicated network of investments and foundations to better achieve their mission in the world.

In reality he's a former old-time Pentecostal minister from Appalachia. As a kid he never had enough to eat or even indoor plumbing, but he saw the tentpole revival ministers always got to drive cars and have nice homes and countless mistresses. He got in on some of that action, becoming one of the first radio televangelists in the Great Depression. The Daeva Embraced him at the height of his fame — some say to gain his skills for themselves, some say to rid themselves of a competitor.

He runs megachurches. The fresh-faced pastors who stand up in front of tens of thousands of people, promising them that God wants them to be wealthy and is waiting to rain riches down on them if they'll just prove their faith at the collection plate?

Yeah. The Prosperity Gospel is his invention. You're welcome.

Sure, God needs the money. And He can have it as soon as John Bishop is finished with it.




That Movie


In the mid-1980s, a Hollywood producer fell under the sway of one of John Bishop's cults and actually met the mysterious financier. Bishop made a big enough impression that he was used without attribution as the visual model for the bad guy in an action movie.

Don't mention the movie to John Bishop. He gets ... unamused.




The Daeva are all about lust. John Bishop is a Daeva in full, completely committed to his lusts: not a lust for flesh, but a lust for more.

More what?

Well, whaddya got?




Although his star has fallen slightly since the recent unpleasantness, John was able to stab exactly the right people in the back to emerge unscathed and with his reputation intact.






Hellcat Henry Pettygrove


A bloodthirsty and ruthless individual who understands power almost as well as I do. We are either reliable enemies or unreliable allies, I know not which.



Murder Most Foul
(2020-05-14) Frances comes to John to reveal a murder plot against the Prince.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Frances John Bishop
Communications Breakdown
(2020-04-06) Andras makes an offer to the Invictus, and does not handle being rebuffed well.
Location  • La Morte Spettro
Cast  • Andras Sean Aedan Callahan Number Five John Bishop
(2019-08-19) The deal struck between John and Arden, is signed, sealed and delivered.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid Cornerstones Estate
Cast  • John Bishop Arden Della Valle
Further Investments
(2019-08-18) John invests further in Arden's ambitions.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid Cornerstones Estate
Cast  • Arden Della Valle John Bishop
August 2019 Assembly
(2019-08-11) The Republic gathers for its monthly Assembly with a fairly boring agenda spiced up by salacious stares and revelations. The question of Domain remains in the air.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • John Bishop Iain Fremont Character:AlistairCharacter:LurkUrsula Antoun Tiarnan Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Quinn Ashe Fen Byron Prescott Alexia Doris
Favors and Investments
(2019-07-24) Arden needs something that John can supply, and in between Daeva being Daeva, an agreement is reached.
Location  • The Black Orchid
Cast  • John Bishop Arden Della Valle Catriona Alleyne Arantxa
(2019-07-22) Matters of the clan turn to something more personal between John and Arden, when expectations are put on the table.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Arden Della Valle John Bishop
The Elder Who Came to Tea
(2019-07-22) An Invictus Elder awakens from torpor and drops in on other members of the Covenant at Lovejoy's Lodge.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Arden Della Valle Hellcat Henry Pettygrove John Bishop
Gifts from a Milanese
(2019-07-05) A newly arrived Invictus introduces herself to the Primogen of Portland, and offers a gift of esteem to the members of the Inner Circle.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • John Bishop Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Arden Della Valle
The Advocate's Equation
(2019-06-03) A new Unconquered arrives with designs on settling into the Praxis.
Cast  • Andrew StJohn John Bishop Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
Noblesse Oblige...?
(2019-05-06) Catriona receives a summons, then a rather surprising offer or two, before providing a briefing... and finally making her escape without commiting or being bound to anything. All terribly genteel, of course.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Catriona Alleyne John Bishop
(2019-03-24) A snoop is caught at the Invictus Hunting Lodge while gathering information. Captured and bound, the First Estate calls in a Crone to aid the interrogation.
Location  • Store Front
Cast  • John Bishop Number Five Daniel
Seducing an Asset Part One
(2019-03-11) John Bishop makes an asset in the mortgage finance community
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Wells Fargo bank)
Cast  • John Bishop