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Transhuman Cyborg
on MUX as
Played by
David Gandy
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
John Doe
Alternate Identities
Detective Blake Moore
Date of Birth
1975 05 05
Apparent Age




A blank slate can be a gift. A clear conscience can be a curse. Pagan would describe himself in simple terms; a man attempting to be more than the hand he was dealt. In the stark, raving madness of reality, it is the simplest and purest goals that become the greatest Obsessions.




Guardian of the Veil


Hubris is bad, but self-regulation is good. Pagan having to work is bad, so mages that don't get caught are good. Paradox is very bad, so those that don't fuck up spark joy. Those that spark no joy get sparked. Yeah; he knows people are breaking the rules. If they aren't breaking them bad enough to get caught, though, does he really care? No. Not really. Thus, he doubly resents those that force him to care.


Summa cum Moros


Though many Moros are focused on death and/or Death, for Pagan it was more of a transitional and momentary point in life. This disinterest in death combined with his love of life might seem out of character, but Moros are not just the necromancers. They are the Alchemists; obsessed with change. Death--in most paradigms--is the ultimate change. In Pagan's third eye, however, transhumanism and Ascension fill the role of grand transition.




It's not really a title (according to anyone but Pagan), but he considers himself to be Firearms Fan #1. Is he an authority on guns? Nope! Is he the best marksman? Nah. Imbuer? Nope! Enchanter? Not even. Despite this, he will stand his ground on the subject and claim the title Gunmage as if it is unique distinction. Most simply dismiss this as an eccentricity from a very...


Eccentric Character


Pagan is bold, strangely filtered, and a little nuts. His essays on magic tools read like humanities papers and are filled with amalgamated vocabulary that exists only in his own mind and must be deciphered by the reader. His unbidden outbursts on Resonance and Pattern-merging are either ahead of their time or, well, wrong. He is described as aloof, at best, dismissive, if fair, and sociopathic, at worst (but most frequently).












Lucy; Grace; Space Cadet. Assigned partner in both actual and cover roles.


Gin Joint.jpg

Geneva Rose Sterling


Gin Joint; Pulchritudinous Frost Midget. Hoary; not whorish.



John McDermot


9-to-5; Oversomething. Pending.



Avraham Ben-David


Cavalier; Antics. Way too much Moxie for a Ladder; I like it.



Rowan McKenna


Red; Ro-Ro. Daddy issues; label issues; Pagan issues.



(2020-06-24) Awkward Guardian sexual tension turns into flight for life from things too strange to face.
Location  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Cast  • Geneva Rose Sterling Pagan
Get Vet
Location  • Grid:Kendall Planetarium
Cast  • Geneva Rose Sterling Avraham Ben-David Character:John_McDermot_/_9-to-5GraceCulminationPagan
Investigation Hijacked
(2020-06-17) Mages on their way to investigation the local Gulmoth are instead rerouted to a tidy zombie horde.
Cast  • Grace Geneva Rose Sterling Avraham Ben-David John McDermot Pagan
State of the Consilium
(2020-06-03) {{{summary}}}
Location  • Grid:Merlin Hall
Cast  • Giovanna Bivar Avraham Ben-David Geneva Rose Sterling Character:John_McDermot_/_9-to-5Grace Pagan CulminationEric Owens