John McDermot

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John McDermot

Everyman Everywhere
on MUX as
Played by
Adam Pally
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9-to-5 is in Portland on a mission. It's unsure what that mission is, considering he's normally found loitering around or being a general nuisance. His attitude and mannerisms go against the normally professional Guardian manner, but he's quick to stamp down on any thoughts of Hubris or abuse nearby. Which he seems to be nearby quite a lot. Annoyingly so.




Guardians of the Veil


9-to-5/John is one. While apparently rather slovenly and with an oddly uncaring attitude, he seems particularly averse to letting people test the Echoes or push Paradox too far.




Sure - he's an Acanthus. He doesn't really show up to coffee night, though.


The Internet


9-to-5 maintains a presence on the internet. Do you have a favourite conspiracy bulletin board? He's probably on there posting even crazier shit and making you all look even worse. Dark web or somehow reclaimed geocities website, he's on there - posting under one handle or another.


Altered States


9 seems to spend the majority of his waking moments under some form of sensory altering item. Be it some THC to get things going, or some magic mushrooms deep in the forest. He only seems to get particularly high when shit is about to hit the fan, though. Odd dude.


The Outdoors


Pleasantly plump as he is, 9 seems to thrive the further away from civilization he gets. Sure, he craves his McDouble and coke like any normal person, but he seems to liven up more when there's more grass than pavement.





Guardians of the Veil



Active member of the Order of the Guardians of the Veil.





Gin Joint.jpg

Geneva Rose Sterling


Note to self: Liable to descend into angry shouting in unknown accent. Will irritate further to try and figure out accent. Also, need to buy more SIM cards because she keeps blocking my number.



Investigation Hijacked
(2020-06-17) Mages on their way to investigation the local Gulmoth are instead rerouted to a tidy zombie horde.
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