London Hughes

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London Hughes

Former Combat Medic
on MUX as
Played by
Shay Mitchell
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
April 4, 1992
Apparent Age
Late Twenties




London is your quintessential Army brat in nearly every way. Born abroad and travelling the globe throughout the majority of her formative years, she graduated from a private boarding school and soon after enlisted in the Army. After basic she went on to additional training in field medicine before joining the Rangers as a combat medic. She did a few tours in Afghanistan before eventually gaining a medical discharge following an attack upon her convoy 1 week before her time was up. Since then, she has been a loyal member of 'The Group' out of the DC cell. London has been recently transferred to Portland and looks forward to integrating herself with her new cell mates.




The Group


London joined up nearly 3 and a half years ago now with the DC office. Since then she has served them well as a field operative and medic when needed. A proper poster girl for the organization, she seems to be quite comfortable about not questioning the missions or orders that come down from high. She has recently packed up her meager belongings and relocated to Portland to set-up shop with a new cell.


What's Up Doc?


London has a bit of training when it comes to patching people up. In fact, she's pretty damn good at it - especially in stressful situations. Her bedside manner may not always be the best but the girl definitely knows her way around a scalpel and surgical equipment.


Dangerous Touch


They say a woman's touch can be dangerous and with London, this is definitely true. Some might call it a gift, others a curse, but for London? Well, perhaps it is both.






The Group

Field Operative/Medical


London serves as both a field operative and medical expert when the need arises. She's usually a pretty safe bet to take on higher risk missions.






Noah Silva


After all this time, finally we are docked at the same port. I couldn't ask for a better partner in missions.



Misterious Vaccination
(2020-04-24) London gets recruited for an extra hush mission for one of The Group's subdivisions.
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