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I'andiana Jones
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A curious sort, new to Portland with no known history in the region. Seems to be young, perpetually confused, ever-questioning what she sees. Some in the area know her as a Savage, one of the Gangrel, but very few have had enough of an interaction with her to know the truth of it all.






She appears here and there at Gangrel meet-ups, even though she doesn't seem to really meet the expectations of what one thinks of when they hear 'savage'. Then again, you know what people say about books and their covers, right?


Dying Light


So many mysteries. So many questions, insisting so many answers as yet beyond reach. She's very into secrets. ... Hearing them, of course. Not so much sharing them, really. She's a complicated sort.




There are so many things to see in this world, even now. Too many things, it seems, even for an immortal lifetime. She travels a lot, in search of new things, old things, and the information, questions and answers that link them all together.


Matters of the Court


Lurk is deeply involved in the goings on of this fair Praxis, and currently serves as the Seneschal in good standing. Do you have matters that involve the Prince's Portland Court? She's your gal.


A History of Kindred Kind


Lurk has a particular interest in the history of the Kindred, and as such has become somewhat of an expert on what has happened, what unusual quirks and strange happenings have been experienced by the Kindred of Portland. Feeling too hungry? Losing control and can't figure out why? Chances are she can help.


The King In Yellow


Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

None shall see me,

For I shall be invisible

as lost Carcosa.

The tattered mists

shall hide me,

and those who pass

shall be made blind.

Her interest in the alien concepts suggested here borders on unhealthy, the reason esoteric at best, indecipherable at worst.





Alistair 2.png



A single-minded focus on the esoteric and occult blinds you to logic, reason and science. I suppose that's why he needs me as a counterbalance. My rival in nearly every way. He's bid me come all this way, though I still do not know why. I guess, once again, he's unable to figure something out.





New to the ranks of the Ordo Dracul, and I suppose a bit of a protege to me now. She is young, but eager to learn, inexperienced yet full of potential. I have much to teach her, and I suspect much to be taught.



(2020-06-17) Vampires investigate unsavory things going down at the zoo.
Cast  • Alistair Lurk Tiarnan Frances Desitarious
June Kindred Court
(2020-06-09) The Kindred of Portland gather for June Court
Cast  • Frances Tiarnan Desitarious Lurk Alistair Eamonn O'Kelly Micaela Garcia Ursula Antoun Santino Crea Raedwald
A Touch of Whiskey at Uni
(2020-05-23) Frances shows off her new pet and Ordo conversation happens
Location  • Portland State University
Cast  • Lurk Alistair Frances
Vampire Court May 2020
(2020-05-19) Court is held and the voices of the Praxis of Portland are heard. Some have more to say than others.
Location  • Forum - Elysium - Revolution Hall
Cast  • Lurk Alistair Frances Desitarious Solitaire Oubliette Yngve Winther Quinn Ashe
Stand And Fight
(2020-05-09) The Gangrel meet to choose a Priscus their way, with the very real threat of the mists tainting the restraint and resolve of all comers.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid Location (Lurk's Haunted Shore)
Cast  • Lurk Frances Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Tiarnan Fen Deirdre O'Shaughnessy
Ordo Initiation
(2020-05-06) Frances is initiated into the Ordo Dracul. Hooray.
Location  • University Park (Old Tuberculosis Hospital)
Cast  • Alistair Lurk Frances
Into the Labyrinth Part 1
(2019-11-4) The first 'Quest' the Prince puts towards the Praxis.
Location  • Shanghai Tunnels
Cast  • Tiarnan Ellis Frances Fen Lurk Alistair Shane Flagg
Cast Away - Where the Bodies Are
(2019-10-07) Some upstanding citizens of the Praxis set out to investigate a potentially sticky situation.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (University Park Alley)
Cast  • Alistair Barbara McNamara Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Fen Frances Lurk Shane Flagg Tiarnan Byron Prescott (ST)
Lonely Island
(2019-10-01) An Elder awakens. Family reunion for Lurk and Ursula.
Cast  • Lurk Ursula Antoun Alistair Byron Prescott Tiarnan Fen
Missing Mr Washington
(2019-08-29) An Elder in Torpor has gone missing and a group of Kindred find out he was taken.
Location  • Mr. Washington's Haven
Cast  • Byron Prescott Fen Alistair Lurk
Lions and Tigers and Ghouls, Oh My!
(2010-04-30) Renegade ghouls cause chaps at the Oregon Zoo.
Location  • Oregon Zoo
Cast  • Alistair Frances Lurk Sean Aedan Callahan Tiarnan