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Beautiful Idiot
on MUX as
Played by
Justin Hartley
• Calling Card •

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Mikael Williams
Mike, Mikey
Date of Birth
December 21, 1955
Apparent Age
Late 20s




Mikael (That's pronounced as Michael. His mother wasn't great with spelling.) is a new arrival to Portland. He arrived shortly after the revolution, catching wind of it while he his nomadic tendencies carried him across the country from Circle to Circle. He heard what his brothers and sisters of the Crone had been living with in Portland, and felt compelled to make his way to the city to see what he could do to help them find solid footing in the new paradigm.




Appalachian Dead Wolf


Mike was born a Wolfblood. Even if he'd never been embraced, turning was never in the cards for him. A few in his family had though, and he grew up on spirits, folk lore and magic, and well aware of the monsters in the hills.


Dirty Filthy Pagan


Mikey is a dedicated Crone. While he doesn't have a great deal of personal status, he has climbed from being a mere Fool to a Hero beneath the tutelage of his sire, which in turn guides much of his nomadic wanderings.




Vietnam framed his mortal life. He was born as it opened and he was drafted in the final years of the conflict. His time as a soldier in the war was influential enough that he will still answer that he is a soldier when asked what he is decades later. It's a simple head space to occupy, comfortable and familiar, and doesn't demand much of his likewise simple intellect.





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Cautionary Tale

The Mostly-Dead One


Currently the lone member still around Portland, holding down the fort for the time being and waiting to see if anyone returns.


Circle of the Crone



That's right, he's a Big Damn Hero. This means he's one of the witches tasked with getting shit done, especially when it's not all together as straight forward as 'Bash his face in.'






Quinn Ashe


The sweetest damn harpy you ever did meet. Good head on 'er shoulders and someone t'keep me in touch with th'modern day. Won't lie, takin' a strong likin' to her.





Strange duck, this one. Reckon she's gonna do a good job though. Good head on her shoulders.





Hope I got a lick of th'wit this old fucker's still got if I'm still walkin' 'round at his age.



Dayana Oliver


Findin' a gleam of daylight on a real dark night seems like the sorta thing to pay attention to.



Juliette Mitchell


Just a lil bit more than I was bargainin' for, but that's only been a bad thing half th'time.






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Grapple, Natural Weapons
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Find a living touchstone.

This long-term aspiration is complete.


Make introductions to the local CotC and learn what he can do while he is here.

This short-term aspiration is complete.


Make introductions to the Court.

This short-term aspiration is complete.


Learn about a local spirit.

This short-term aspiration is complete.


Frenzy. Whoops!

This short-term aspiration is complete.


Do something to help one of his pack-mates, whether they like it or not.

This short-term aspiration is complete.


Almost lose his touchstone.

This short-term aspiration is complete.

Mother is Angry
(2020-05-21) Mike and Quinn visit Ursula, where Mike glosses over his lack of letter or call the entire time he was gone, instead bringing what he claims to be a vision for her consideration.
Location  • Willamette Valley (Winery)
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Quinn Ashe Mikael
Demons on the Church Steps
(2020-05-20) After seeking solace at the same NA meeting, Day stumbles into Mikey's life quite literally.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Outside a Small Church)
Cast  • Dayana Oliver Mikael
Not At All According to Plan
(2019-08-14) Mike tries to talk to the Dagger Cats. Things don't go according to plan.
Location  • The Shadow
Cast  • HarvesterMikael
Chubby Wubby Was A Bear
(2019-07-31) The Portland Uratha investigate some strange occurrences with the local wildlife on Government Island.
Location  • Government Island
Cast  • Mikael Tiarnan Colin Dax
Thirty-One Flavors of Ephemera
(2019-07-26) Mikael goes to talk to Selene about why she makes him feel funny.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing
Cast  • Mikael Selene Emery
Meet the Grandparents
(2019-07-24) Tiarnan and Tilly petition the Elders for permission to carry on their relationship. The Elders, though, have a different sort of thought process about that.
Location  • Forest Park (Skyline Lodge - Common Room)
Cast  • Tiarnan Tilana Gwan Chang Skye Lowell Mikael
Bloody Good Initiations
(2019-07-17) The Circle meets to consecrate their clearing and initiate a new member and votaries.
Location  • Clearing - Willamette Valley
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Mikael Byron Prescott Bonnie Sagan Clyde
Marco? Polo!
(2019-06-27) A band of intrepid Kindred hunt down Marco Ferrari Giovanni, the naughty necromancer.
Cast  • Tiarnan Nolan Carter Andras Ursula Antoun Iain Fremont Mikael
Lurking by the River
(2019-06-25) Lurk and Mike have a chat on the banks of the Williamette River and get to know one another while discussing the nature of being Savage.
Location  • Willamette Valley (Riverside)
Cast  • Character:LurkMikael
A Night with the Beasts
(2019-06-21) The Gangrel Priscus hosts a Savage Fight Night, drawing fighters and spectators from near and far, Kindred and otherwise, to spend an evening spilling the red stuff in the middle of no where. The new girl in town makes an interesting showing and the Sheriff makes an interesting mistake, and they both take the team match-up for Portland.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Wilderness Clearing)
Cast  • Tiarnan Liam Lani Mikael Lurk
On Like Donkey Kong
(2019-06-16) Mike is inspired by a new piece of street art at Vendetta, leading to what was supposed to be a night painting with Bob Ross over nachos and beer with Liam. But they can't have nice things, and the night rapidly devolves into a paint war.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing (Upstairs Apartment)
Cast  • Liam Mikael
DDR Retro Throwdown
(2019-06-10) What starts off as a psuedo-date night for Mike and Quinn leads to Atrid becoming the DDR Retro champion, at least as far as the three of them go. Mike and Atrid shoot the shit for a while over a couple of beers Mike will probably regret later.
Location  • The Stardust Room
Cast  • Quinn Ashe Atrid Mikael
Introductions by the Riverside
(2019-06-06) Tiarnan brings Astrid, a new Dead Wolf, to meet Mikael out by the Williamette River in the more wild area of the valley.
Location  • Willamette Valley (By the River)
Cast  • Tiarnan Astrid Dahl Mikael
The Pain Harvest: Live Samples
(2019-06-02) {{{summary}}}
Location  • Northwest Portland
Cast  • Carter Cooke Dax Kira Mikael
The Fall
(2019-05-29) Lani runs into Mike and Liam at Vendetta, and what starts as a lazy night shooting the shit takes a turn when Liam makes an unexpected discovery behind the bar.
Location  • North Williams Vendetta
Cast  • Liam Lani Mikael
Dealing with Thieves
(2019-05-27) Liam asks a spirit for a favor, and gets a task in return -- one that has the potential to cause a rift between him and his Totem, and has to be resolved carefully.
Location  • North Williams (In the Shadow.)
Cast  • Liam Mikael
Rise of the Ogmints
(2019-05-26) Liam teaches Mike how to battle 'Ogmints' after the vampire is thoroughly fooled by a viral ad campaign for a new cell phone AR game.
Location  • North Williams On the Ropes Boxing (Upstairs Apartment)
Cast  • Liam Mikael
The Pain Harvest: Go Fetch
(2019-05-25) Gwan tasks several Uratha with retrieving an important package. Of course, it's not as simple as it seems...
Location  • Northwest Portland
Cast  • Mark Carter Cooke Mikael
The Pain Harvest: Run Like Hell
(2019-05-21) A group of investigators get more than they bargained for in Northwest Portland, the disease having spread greatly in the period of confusion.
Location  • Northwest Portland
Cast  • Mark Danny Jericho Carter Cooke Mikael
The First Shot
(2019-05-18) Liam and Mike return to the apartment after Tuni's call at the bar. Liam discovers what Tuni's been up to with her first proverbial shot fired, and grills Mike about how his sire might be operating. Things inevitably devolve into crude jokes and teasing.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing (Upstairs Apartment)
Cast  • Liam Mikael
Have You Missed Me
(2019-05-18) A promising night of embarrassing Mikey at Vendetta gets turned on its head when Liam gets an unexpected call at the bar from none other than Tuni.
Location  • Vendetta North Williams
Cast  • Liam Mikael
Pain Harvest: Patient Zero
(2019-05-13) The group goes to fulfill the bargain with the Queen of Broken Flesh, learning more about the spirit behind the plague.
Location  • Northwest Portland (In the Shadow of Portland General)
Cast  • Mikael Fen Lex Valerie VanBrandt Lani Mark Harvester
You Should Be Worried
(2019-05-04) Mikael tells Liam more about the stalker that he has acquired, and precisely how dangerous the game he has entered can be.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing (On the Roof)North Williams
Cast  • Liam Mikael
Madame Maybe
(2019-04-30) A strange visitor comes calling at the gym, informing Liam that he's 'invited' to the game.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing
Cast  • Liam Mikael
Think of the Children
(2019-04-27) A small group of vampires venture into Forest Park looking, some searching for the abducted children rumored to be there and some merely checking on flames too close to their haven for comfort. They encounter the forewarned Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and their small army of Lost Boys.
Location  • Forest Park
Cast  • Santino Crea Julia Baptiste Tiarnan Mikael
No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
(2019-04-26) Liam goes on a short trip to dig into Mikael's past. Because that's what Irraka do.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Somewhere in the Smoky Mountains.)
Cast  • Liam Mikael
A Gathering of Gangrel
(2019-04-25) The Gangrel of the Republic gather to name a new Priscus and ensures needs are being met.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Clearing in the Woods)
Cast  • Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Tiarnan Julia Baptiste Fen Clint Mikael
Bloody, Bloody Taco Tuesday
(2019-04-24) The Pack lays a claim to a part of their territory, fighting for it.
Location  • Vendetta
Cast  • Lance Lex Mark Mikael Liam
Demon in the Streets
(2019-04-24) Mike encounters a Grade A genuine asshole on the street, one that's on his intellectual playing field. Let the games of torment commence.
Location  • North Williams
Cast  • Beau Jenkins Mikael
April 2019 Crone Meeting
(2019-04-24) Portland's Circle of the Crone gather to place a new Hierophant and Primogen for their Covenant.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (The Mother Tree)
Cast  • Julia Baptiste Mikael Ursula Antoun
Fun in the Sun
(2019-04-22) Liam takes Mikael to see his first sunrise since he was mortal in a place where the sun won't hurt him. Mike repays the favor with a flight through Shadow Portland.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing (Shadow)
Cast  • Liam Mikael
A City Defense Meeting Goes Awry
(2019-04-19) When Tiarnan calls an emergency meeting for the City Defense, a stranger arrives to offer knowledge at the cost of breaking the rules.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Tiarnan Mercy Nolan Carter Santino Crea Fen Mikael Vera Li Clint SinclairNajam Muzlim
An Offering of Blood and Death
(2019-04-18) Liam and Mike go to see Elder Oak so that Mike can ask a question about a current problem. Mike brings offerings, but the question is beyond the Oak's power to see without an entirely different kind of offering. The pair work together to give the Oak what he needs to see, helping MIke discover a new inner power, and the Oak gives dark answers.
Location  • North Williams
Cast  • Liam Mikael
The (Not) Truth and Promises
(2019-04-17) Phoenix thinks he totally knows the truth. Mikael thinks Phoenix totally knows the truth. They're both wrong.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing (Rooftop)
Cast  • Phoenix Mikael
Bad Things Happen to Bad People
(2019-04-16) Mike and Liam head out on an adventure, ending in a bloody hunt and a lesson that several people will keep in memory for a long, long time. Bad things happen to bad people.
Location  • North Williams
Cast  • Mikael Liam
Swim in the Park
(2019-04-16) It looks like Phoenix is stood up, but he's got the night and a creek to himself. Maybe.
Location  • Forest Park (Balch Creek)
Cast  • Phoenix Mikael
Truth Nachos
(2019-04-15) Mikael may not find what he's looking for in the Vendetta bar, but he does happen upon a Phoenix (of a less magical variety).
Location  • Vendetta
Cast  • Mikael Phoenix
The Hunt for Trash Panda - Part Two
(2019-04-10) Mike has an idea for how to trap the elusive spirit, and Cautionary Tale forms a plan, successfully cornering their potential Totem.
Location  • North Williams
Cast  • Liam Mikael Lance Lex Mark Charlotte Walker
For Unity
(2019-04-09) Tiarnan calls together some of the Uratha to discuss working side by side on defending the city against threats.
Location  • (Unknown)
Cast  • Tiarnan Mercy Fen Charlotte Walker Mikael Liam Valerie VanBrandt Mika Oliviera Mark Haruspex Lani
Chickens and Unicorns
(2019-04-08) Charlie the Doomicorn has a new admirer, Mike gets a chicken but only Liam actually gets the hippy's name.
Location  • Vendetta (Patio)
Cast  • Phoenix Mikael Liam
Raising a Stink
(2019-04-06) Those of Cautionary Tale who can venture out into the sun make a mid-morning patrol of their neighborhood to find something smelly on the air. It's even worse in person when they find the source, leaving them with more questions than answers. (Part 1)
Location  • North Williams
Cast  • Charlotte Walker Lance Lex Liam Mark Mikael
Tales of the Tree-Spirit
(2019-04-03) Liam takes Mike to the Shadow and introduces him to an old, old friend.
Location  • Vendetta North Williams
Cast  • Mikael Liam
Ohana Means Family
(2019-04-01) Family means no one gets left alive.
Cast  • Sebastian Nolan Carter sinclairJosef Pagan Clint Mikael Mercy
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
(2019-03-28) Liam and Mike take a break from researching the Evil Binder to work on some of his self-control issues in the most awkward way possible before gaining an audience that just makes it even worse. Charlie and Liam spar while Lucas, Tiarnan, and Mike talk about some of the strangeness happening with the vampires and their Disney-inspired Nemeses.
Location  • On the Ropes Boxing
Cast  • Tiarnan Liam Mikael Charlotte Walker Lucas
When the Fascist Come Knocking
(2019-03-20) Asher gets woken up by a runner, Mikael gets to play Hodor.
Location  • The Cloisters
Cast  • Asher Reid Mikael Sydney
Elysium with Chopin
(2019-03-17) A few Kindred discuss recent events and how to approach Mikael's little problem. Maddy treats everyone to some auditory excellence.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Nolan Carter Madeleine Beach Natalie Doerr Mikael Fen
Smart Things
(2019-03-13) Mikey seeks out Quinn to ask her to spread the word about a potential danger to the community.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Mikael Quinn Ashe
Call Me Flower
(2019-03-12) Three Kindred. A hysterical junkie. Golden eyes. A... skunk?
Location  • Forest Park (Drug-deal area)
Cast  • Mikael Mercy Nolan Carter
Private Rituals
(2019-03-07) Liam and Mikael meet up in the woods as Liam undergoes one of his private rituals. The two reminisce about life before they were swallowed with their various forms of weirdness.
Location  • Forest Park (A small grove away from the crowded Celtic Festival.)
Cast  • Liam Mikael