Noah Silva

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Noah Silva

Lost Boy Mercenary
on MUX as
Played by
Mark Wahlberg
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
August 22, 1976
Apparent Age




Growing up with a father in the Navy meant that Noah was traveling the world as he grew up. Never in the same place long he learned to enjoy the change or scenery and excitement of exploring new places. Since his mother was born and raised in Portland it meant it was always his home base.

Once he graduated from High School he struck out on his own and joined the US Army. Starting with Ranger school he moved into the Special Forces which soon led to various black ops and off the book missions. With a lifetime of experience he was a perfect fit for The Group.




Lost Boy Network


As a member of the Lost Boy network he is there for other members of the network. He's always willing to help our with favors, backup or even to help mentor or support fellow Lost Boys going through withdraw.


The Group


Being a member of The Group means that Noah has a steady supply of the serum he needs to keep in working order. Its part of the pay and control the paramilitary organization has over the Lost Boy. Still he is a skilled operative that is loyal to the organization and its members.






The Group



He's a skilled soldier and usually takes on various roles from fire team leader, operator, recon, trainer and almost anything else that is needed.



Misterious Vaccination
(2020-04-24) London gets recruited for an extra hush mission for one of The Group's subdivisions.
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