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Quinn Ashe

Media Maven
on MUX as
Played by
Aya Cash
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
April 1st, 1983
Apparent Age
Early Twenties




Quinn is the resident Harpy of the Portland Republic of the Damned. She's strangely social for a Mekhet, likely something to do with her "blood web" as a Lynx. Usually found among the Portland music and nightlife scene, she leverages her knack for networking as a social media influencer. Follow her @QAReport!






Quinn's been around since just before the Revolution, and a resident Harpy for nearly just as long. She likes to stay light and playful with her commentary, and seems to have a real compulsion to get to know everyone.




Networking is her lifeblood. She has a real knack for reading into the ways people are connected. It's a point of pride for her to get along with Kindred of all flavors and beliefs.




Quinn only ever joined the Invictus out of pressure from her sire. The aspects she liked, like serving as a Librettist, just didn't outweigh the crushing pressure of formality - and everyone knows she's not the most conventional of kindred. Now she's a free spirit and by all accounts, much happier for it.


Social Media Influencer


More modern than most of her kind, Quinn is incredibly active on the Portland nightlife scene. She can be found on Instagram and Twitter (@QAReport), and is always promoting new clubs or local artists. Need to know the coolest new hangout with a speakeasy theme? Or want to find the coolest dive bar with the best bands on Thursday nights? She's your hookup.




Where there is music, there is probably a Quinn. Whether it's an indie concert or a new DJ at the trendiest club, she'll be there. She manages Midnight Records, a trendy spot to pick up vinyl to brag about or buy a shiny new instrument to show off to friends.












Total cutie. Maybe we're not so different after all. A shot of sunshine in the darkness.





Fitting right in. We could use more like you. New roomie who helps around the shop in exchange for borrowing some of my fabulous wardrobe. You got this.



Hellcat Henry Pettygrove


We go back a ways, and kicked some teeth in during the '08 Revolution. Things are better now. Right?



Nolan Carter


Do Not Fuck With.



Mother is Angry
(2020-05-21) Mike and Quinn visit Ursula, where Mike glosses over his lack of letter or call the entire time he was gone, instead bringing what he claims to be a vision for her consideration.
Location  • Willamette Valley (Winery)
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Quinn Ashe Mikael
Vampire Court May 2020
(2020-05-19) Court is held and the voices of the Praxis of Portland are heard. Some have more to say than others.
Location  • Forum - Elysium - Revolution Hall
Cast  • Lurk Alistair Frances Desitarious Solitaire Oubliette Yngve Winther Quinn Ashe
August 2019 Assembly
(2019-08-11) The Republic gathers for its monthly Assembly with a fairly boring agenda spiced up by salacious stares and revelations. The question of Domain remains in the air.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • John Bishop Iain Fremont Character:AlistairCharacter:LurkUrsula Antoun Tiarnan Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Quinn Ashe Fen Byron Prescott Alexia Doris
Council Meeting 7/11/19
(2019-07-11) Kindred and Ghouls come to the Council meeting to hear about recent events, how to deal with various threats, and possible feeding grounds.
Cast  • Iain Fremont Ursula Antoun Clyde Morgan Nolan Carter Micaela Garcia Tiarnan Quinn Ashe Aden Deckart Fen
The Shadows meet in the crypt
(2019-07-09) A meeting of the Mekhet clan in the crypts beneath La Morte Spettro
Location  • La Morte Spettro (Common area of the crypts beneath the cigar lounge)
Cast  • Quinn Ashe Byron Prescott Nicola Andras
A Night in Elysium
(2019-07-01) Micaela finally wanders in after her first real day in Portland....trying to get her bearings...only to meet two new faces!
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Eamonn O'Kelly Quinn Ashe Fen Micaela Garcia
DDR Retro Throwdown
(2019-06-10) What starts off as a psuedo-date night for Mike and Quinn leads to Atrid becoming the DDR Retro champion, at least as far as the three of them go. Mike and Atrid shoot the shit for a while over a couple of beers Mike will probably regret later.
Location  • The Stardust Room
Cast  • Quinn Ashe Atrid Mikael
Council Meeting 6/5/19
(2019-06-05) The Council meets with some Kindred and ghouls in attendance to try to hash out the thorny issue of enemies from Seattle and within, as well as procedural issues. Bureaucracy prevails.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Iain Fremont Ursula Antoun Tiarnan Astrid Dahl Leonie de Bettignies Quinn Ashe Nolan Carter Victoria Chase Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Fen
Smart Things
(2019-03-13) Mikey seeks out Quinn to ask her to spread the word about a potential danger to the community.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Mikael Quinn Ashe