Rowan McKenna

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Rowan McKenna

Psychic Gamer Geek
on MUX as
Played by
Megan Bea Tiernan
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
June 28th 1996
Apparent Age
Early 20s





From foster kid to street kid to exclusive private school kid. Because sure. That happens all the time. For Rowan McKenna, though, it's simple reality. That's how her life's gone down, thus far. She can't exactly complain, since the "scholarship" came with free room and board, and all she had to do in return was stick with her studies and eventually help other incoming students learn the ropes. In her twenties now, she's starting to look at moving on and starting the next leg in her life's journey, but her ties to the Villa St. Rose and the organization that made a home for her there will always remain strong.






The reason she was recruited to the school. Telepathic, with a few extra little tricks up her sleeves.


Outreach Initiative


Card-carrying member. Wait, do they have cards?! Is there any credit on them?


Incurable Geek


On a screen or around a table, she loves games of all sorts. Role-playing, going to various Cons and events, you name it, she's unabashedly in.


Street Artist


Sometimes she sets up and does sketches on the fly for donations. Other times, she leaves her mark on the city in a literal sense, with elaborate and detailed street paintings that she doesn't even always take credit for - they just show up overnight.


Caffeine Addict


Those all-night art projects can take a toll. Good thing Portland is known for its coffee, right?










Outreach Initiative

Resident Advisor


Laid back, friendly, and usually won't make people turn down the music... unless she's trying to sleep.






Garrett Knox


I like having you as my friend, because if I randomly assign rules to a game I just made up, I know you'll actually follow those rules and start playing.



Elijah Morris


You're cute. Like, genuinely cute. Not like when someone goes, "Oh, that's such a cute house." That house is not cute. Stop saying that.



Jonathon Perkins


Call me old-fashioned, but I would give you an apple. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal now, but, like, a hundred years ago, giving someone an apple was a sign of respect. I should also mention that I don't know history.



Brendan Phillips


You're cute, like a tiny rabbit in the woods. But also tough, like a tiny rabbit in the woods, who is independent and can fend for itself.



de Guerre


If ninjas captured you, I would spend all of my free time training to be a stellar ninja. Which might take some time, since I am very far from being that, but I want you to know that I would eventually save you.



Virgil R. Greaves


If you were a Dum-Dums lollipop, you'd be the mystery-flavored one. Because you always keep me guessing. Also, I don't know what you taste like.


Matt Bomer by Gage Skidmore.jpg

Derrick Colson


You know what's awesome? The top of a raspberry sour cream muffin. The kind with those big sugar crystals. Also, your face.



Arachnophobics Anonymous
(2020-06-23) Outreachers meet with L. Friar about the way forward.
Cast  • Rowan McKenna Brendan Phillips Virgil R. Greaves Culmination
(2020-05-30) After a rescue attempt goes terribly wrong, an unaccepting Mage goes back ten minutes in time to try and enable members of Outreach to save themselves... with a little Haily Mary help from a brand-new friend. A handful that were destined for death or worse get a second chance to avoid their fate.
Location  • Grid:Early Saturday Wake-Up
Cast  • Brendan Phillips Rowan McKenna Avraham Ben-David Culmination
Shark'n'Cheese Day
(2019-07-22) A group of Outreachers celebrate a holiday mash-up.
Location  • Villa St. Rose Academy
Cast  • Garrett Knox Brendan Phillips Rowan McKenna Derrick Colson
Blues and Broken Glass
(2019-06-14) A group of Outreachers gather on a flimsy celebratory excuse, and fun is had. Also, shit gets broke.
Location  • Villa St. Rose Academy
Cast  • Garrett Knox Brendan Phillips Rowan McKenna Derrick Colson Virgil R. Greaves
Dutch Apple Shots
(2019-06-13) A busy day culminates in coffee at the Roxy.
Location  • The Roxy
Cast  • Brendan Phillips Virgil R. Greaves Garrett Knox Rowan McKenna
On a Scale from 'Eh' to 'Crap'...
(2019-04-22) Rowan pays a visit to the Dean's office to make a particular request.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid Location (Dean Perkins' Office)
Cast  • Rowan McKenna Jonathon Perkins
F*ck Eggs, Bring On the Doughnuts
(2019-04-21) A couple of Easter-less 'orphans' meet up in the Villa St. Rose's common room, and chat over a Voodoo sampler.
Location  • Villa St. Rose Academy
Cast  • Rowan McKenna Garrett Knox