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Santino Crea

Nosferatu, Carthian, Shark
on MUX as
Played by
Al Pacino
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
Apparent Age
Late 30's




The ancilla haunt known as Sonny has made a name for himself in the Carthian Movement over the past fifty years. It's no surprise when one learns of his mortal life and all he did before he was found and turned by his Sire.




The Carthian Movement


Sometimes, the politics of change are the politics of fear. The people should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of its dead. Who better to wage guerrilla war on the entrenched establishment than a vampire who was once part of the mob? Who better to initiate a reign of terror than a haunt?

He's been in the movement since his embrace making a name for himself in various positions. He's excelled in everything he's done but he's been focused on working in positions that his skills are the best fit for. Detective, saboteur, defender, terrorist, scarecrow, messenger, assassin, and spy.


Portland Revolution


Though he has kept himself hidden and out of the public eye, it's known that there was a Carthian asset that was sent in to help with the local revolution. Sonny was that asset and he did his work well. Infiltration, spying and then reporting back while sabotaging the elders and their power base. Rumors spread throughout the praxis speak of Sonny destroying a number of elders with his own hands.


The Black Orchid


Located in Old Town Chinatown, it's Portland's premiere burlesque night club. It's also an official Rack for the Kindred populace. There's a VIP room that is Kindred (and Ghoul and Thrall) exclusive. While not an owner or even an operator of the establishment, this is Sonny's main haunt.







June Kindred Court
(2020-06-09) The Kindred of Portland gather for June Court
Cast  • Frances Tiarnan Desitarious Lurk Alistair Eamonn O'Kelly Micaela Garcia Ursula Antoun Santino Crea Raedwald
Elysian Exposition
(2019-06-19) Having returned to the scene of Sheriff vs. Sheriff, Catriona finds herself trying to explain some of what happened. A broader discussion and briefing ensues...
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Alexia Catriona Alleyne Eamonn O'Kelly Number Five Santino Crea
Firebrands and Elders
(2019-06-19) The Movement meets to discuss what ought to be done about errant Elders, as well as some other business.
Location  • The Ruby Slipper
Cast  • Iain Fremont Leonie de Bettignies Santino Crea Alexia
Revolutionary Matters
(2019-05-13) The Movement comes together for a meeting to discuss some major and minor problems, contacts in the making, and Council resolutions.
Location  • The Black Orchid
Cast  • Iain Fremont Vera Li Santino Crea Leonie de Bettignies Character:Jean Guy Mercier
Think of the Children
(2019-04-27) A small group of vampires venture into Forest Park looking, some searching for the abducted children rumored to be there and some merely checking on flames too close to their haven for comfort. They encounter the forewarned Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and their small army of Lost Boys.
Location  • Forest Park
Cast  • Santino Crea Julia Baptiste Tiarnan Mikael
A City Defense Meeting Goes Awry
(2019-04-19) When Tiarnan calls an emergency meeting for the City Defense, a stranger arrives to offer knowledge at the cost of breaking the rules.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Tiarnan Mercy Nolan Carter Santino Crea Fen Mikael Vera Li Clint SinclairNajam Muzlim
Rumpus at the Rhino Room
(2019-04-10) Zombies at a strip club!
Cast  • Gabriela Salcedo Clint Santino Crea Fen sinclair
Defense Teams First Meeting
(2019-04-04) The new Sheriff, Tiarnan, calls all interested in aiding in the defense of the city to a meeting.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Tiarnan Santino Crea Josef Pagan Mercy Catriona Alleyne Danu Nolan Carter Sebastian