Sean Aedan Callahan

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Sean Aedan Callahan

Invictus Knight
on MUX as
Played by
Michael Fassbender
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
August 19, 1947
Apparent Age
Mid 20's




Knight of the Thorned Wreath recently arrived to the city. Since establishing himself in Portland he's become the Hound for the Prince.




Born in Ireland March 23, 1923 he grew up in a middle class family and they made ends meet despite recovering from World War I. He was married to his high school sweetheart right after they both turned 18. When the 2nd World War kicked off he joined leaving the comforts of home to fight for King and Country. After many long years fighting the Nazi's he eventually returned home. Only to find it was a casualty of war and his young wife had passed away. Lacking any direction in his life he turned to prize fighting, barbed words with his opponents as well as his fists. And when he wasn't fighting he was drinking his cares away. This is when he was found by his Sire Jason Collet. He was Embraced August 19, 1947 and became a squire to his Sire who was a Knight of the Thorned Wreathe. Training to become a Knight himself he of course joined the Invictus Covenant and eventually became a Knight himself. During his training and time learning to become a vampire Sean found out that his wife was pregnant when he'd left for war and his son ended up in an orphanage. He did okay for himself and moved to the United States having a child of his own who now lives in Portland. Hearing about the revolution and the new structure there Sean moved to Portland to be closer to his grandson.


Communications Breakdown
(2020-04-06) Andras makes an offer to the Invictus, and does not handle being rebuffed well.
Location  • La Morte Spettro
Cast  • Andras Sean Aedan Callahan Number Five John Bishop
No Titles in the Lounge
(2019-08-23) Iain meets two new arrivals to the city, Holly and Sean, in the lounge of Elysium. Fen drops by a little bit later to join in.
Location  • Elysium Lounge
Cast  • Iain Fremont Fen Holly Johnson Sean Aedan Callahan
Lions and Tigers and Ghouls, Oh My!
(2010-04-30) Renegade ghouls cause chaps at the Oregon Zoo.
Location  • Oregon Zoo
Cast  • Alistair Frances Lurk Sean Aedan Callahan Tiarnan