Shane Flagg

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Shane Flagg

Psychic Thrall
on MUX as
Played by
Norman Reedus
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Vital Statistics

Full Name
Shane Edward Flagg
Alternate Identities
Shane Francis D'Este
Date of Birth
March 10, 1972
Apparent Age
Mid-Late 40s




There are two Shane Flaggs.

By day, he's just another shaggy haired Portland dad. He doesn't have a day job but spends a lot of time volunteering at his son's school or with Portland's homeless and downtrodden types. He's perfectly bland and average.

Once the sun sets (and the little guy is tucked into bed), Shane the psychokinetic vampire thrall arrives. He is still trying to find his place among the Portland praxis but for now, simply serving his regent and wife (Long story) will have to do.




Las Vegas Native


Las Vegas will always be home. He, along with his mother and sisters own a share of The Flaggship, a Hotel and Casino on the Strip known for its nautical theme.




He blew up a car in his 20s. Google it. Watch the Youtube video of his high speed chase outside Las Vegas.




Telekinetic and Cyrokinetic with a bag of tricks branching off those two intensely strong powers.


Stay-At-Home Dad


By day, he's househusband of the new age. He gets his son, Max, off to school, tidies the home, volunteers with the PTA, bakes.


Vampire Thrall Husband


By night, Shane's got it bad for his regent and wife, Donatella. He serves her and seeks to serve the local praxis as best he can.


Pill Popper


Uppers with the morning coffee, Downers after school, Opiates after sundown.


Volunteer and Philanthropy


Shane is generous, if hypocritical, soul. He volunteers his time and money to fighting addiction from harm reduction to rehab assistance. His other pet causes are homelessness, PTSD and helping out fellow ex-cons.










Donatella D'Este


The Wife



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