Ursula Antoun

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Ursula Antoun

Self-Induglent Gorgon
on MUX as
Played by
Zayneb Azzam
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Vital Statistics

Date of Birth
August 23 1869
Apparent Age




Ursula Antoun came to Portland mostly out of curiosity and boredom to see this grand experiment of a democracy in action among Kindred. While she hadn't planned on staying long she found a ghoul, gained friends, enemies, and the title of Ventrue Priscus as well as becoming the acting Hierophant of the Circle of the Crone until a replacement can be found. It appears she has set down roots now, but only time will tell.




Fortunes Told


Ursula never seems to be without her runes or tarot deck and she is always happy to tell your fortune.


Holistic Healing


Many people claim to have been healed by Ursula from a myriad of conditions from the common cold to cancer.


Rites and Rituals


Some she uses as a lot of hocus pocus for her "followers", but the word is Ursula knows far more than she immediately lets on.




Ursula is always dressed in the newest fashions, even at her most casual. She's quite the fashionista.


The Movies


Ursula loves the cinema, from old black and white to the newest CGI. She is always going to the movies, renting new ones.




Ursula has a thing for snakes, in fact she is never seen without one.




Are you one of the mighty Lords of Portland? Ursula is the Priscus for the Ventrue clan and is always available to those of the clan.


Circle of the Crone


Ursula is the Haryspex and acting Hierophant for the Circle of the Crone in Portland until a replacement can be found.




Ursula has one of the only Mandragora gardens in Portland and is the prominent purveyor of Lacrima to the masses.












I once believed you would be with me for an eternity, but now eternity seems unreasonable.





I seem to get off on the wrong foot with most people, but at least I manage some equal footing eventually.



Santino Crea


I am actually growing to enjoy the feel of that doom and gloom around you. What does that say about me?



Nolan Carter


What we had was brief and at times confusing, but now that you are gone I wish I had it all back.



Julia Baptiste


My friend, you are missed, and I vow to find what has happened to you.





My shining star in oblivion seems to have burned out. You've left me in utter darkness and I can only hope to see your light again.



Bonnie Sagan


Sweet girl, I knew this world would devour you.



June Kindred Court
(2020-06-09) The Kindred of Portland gather for June Court
Cast  • Frances Tiarnan Desitarious Lurk Alistair Eamonn O'Kelly Micaela Garcia Ursula Antoun Santino Crea Raedwald
Mother is Angry
(2020-05-21) Mike and Quinn visit Ursula, where Mike glosses over his lack of letter or call the entire time he was gone, instead bringing what he claims to be a vision for her consideration.
Location  • Willamette Valley (Winery)
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Quinn Ashe Mikael
Hunter's Moon
(2019-10-13) The Circle of the Crone celebrate the Hunter's Moon.
Location  • Grid: Clearing - Willamette Valley
Cast  • Andre Fry Byron Prescott Ursula Antoun
Lonely Island
(2019-10-01) An Elder awakens. Family reunion for Lurk and Ursula.
Cast  • Lurk Ursula Antoun Alistair Byron Prescott Tiarnan Fen
August 2019 Assembly
(2019-08-11) The Republic gathers for its monthly Assembly with a fairly boring agenda spiced up by salacious stares and revelations. The question of Domain remains in the air.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • John Bishop Iain Fremont Character:AlistairCharacter:LurkUrsula Antoun Tiarnan Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Quinn Ashe Fen Byron Prescott Alexia Doris
The Witch and the Cat
(2019-08-11) Ursula invites Henry to speak privately in regards to the events of tonight's Court.
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
Bloody Good Initiations
(2019-07-17) The Circle meets to consecrate their clearing and initiate a new member and votaries.
Location  • Clearing - Willamette Valley
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Mikael Byron Prescott Bonnie Sagan Clyde
Council Meeting 7/11/19
(2019-07-11) Kindred and Ghouls come to the Council meeting to hear about recent events, how to deal with various threats, and possible feeding grounds.
Cast  • Iain Fremont Ursula Antoun Clyde Morgan Nolan Carter Micaela Garcia Tiarnan Quinn Ashe Aden Deckart Fen
Marco? Polo!
(2019-06-27) A band of intrepid Kindred hunt down Marco Ferrari Giovanni, the naughty necromancer.
Cast  • Tiarnan Nolan Carter Andras Ursula Antoun Iain Fremont Mikael
We Love Our Secrets
(2019-06-25) Byron seeks out the Sunset Winery, not knowing exactly what to expect when he gets there.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Sunset Winery)
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Byron Prescott
Ventrue Meeting, June 2019
(2019-06-06) The House of Lords meets at the Elysium Council Chambers.
Location  • Grid: Elysium Council Chambers
Cast  • Madeleine Beach Iain Fremont Olivia Bennett Ursula Antoun
Council Meeting 6/5/19
(2019-06-05) The Council meets with some Kindred and ghouls in attendance to try to hash out the thorny issue of enemies from Seattle and within, as well as procedural issues. Bureaucracy prevails.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Iain Fremont Ursula Antoun Tiarnan Astrid Dahl Leonie de Bettignies Quinn Ashe Nolan Carter Victoria Chase Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Fen
Pre-Meeting of the Primogens
(2019-05-29) Primogens Iain of the Carthians and Ursula of the Crones talk shop a bit before the Council meeting.
Location  • Portland State University
Cast  • Iain Fremont Ursula Antoun
Grier's Trial
(2019-04-29) The former Sheriff, Napoleon Grier, is put on trial for murder.
Location  • Revolution Hall
Cast  • Tiarnan Ursula Antoun Iain Fremont Character:LurkCharacter:AlistairByron Prescott Fen
April 2019 Crone Meeting
(2019-04-24) Portland's Circle of the Crone gather to place a new Hierophant and Primogen for their Covenant.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (The Mother Tree)
Cast  • Julia Baptiste Mikael Ursula Antoun
Nocturnal Transmutation
(2019-04-23) What starts as a rocky meeting between two Crones manages to transmute into a budding alliance.
Location  • Wildwood Trail
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Julia Baptiste
Researcher Assembly
(2019-04-03) A Deputy and Scribe are selected to help keep track of things going on.
Cast  • Sebastian Tiarnan Clint Josef Pagan Mercy Character:Robin RobinsonUrsula Antoun
Hot Vampires Being Political
(2019-03-29) An Acolyte and Sanctified Lord meet up to flirt and be hot.
Location  • St. Dismas Church
Cast  • Nolan Carter Ursula Antoun