Northwest Portland

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This region has it all, joining together the residential, industrial, and commercial areas of Portland's North Quadrant with the splendor - both urban and natural - of the Northwest.


Northwest Portland is a Main Grid Room.



Much of Northwest Portland is densely populated residential and commercial property. The architecture is a mixture of the Old Portland-style, the sleek contours of modern times, and everything in between. Though this area of the city has many major landmarks that are used as labels for neighborhoods, concentrated retail pockets are almost always referred to by what avenue they are on.

The Northwest quadrant of the city also plays host to the largest urban park in the country. An abundance of wildlife can be found in Forest Park, along with an extensive system of trails, fire lanes and gravel roads that provide excellent opportunities for hiking, walking, running, and simply escaping the urban atmosphere.


The Pain Harvest: Go Fetch
(2019-05-25) Gwan tasks several Uratha with retrieving an important package. Of course, it's not as simple as it seems...
Location  • Northwest Portland
Cast  • Mark Carter Cooke Mikael
The Pain Harvest: Live Samples
(2019-06-02) {{{summary}}}
Location  • Northwest Portland
Cast  • Carter Cooke Dax Kira Mikael
Pain Harvest: Outbreak
(2019-03-20) Characters investigate the hospital to see how the disease is progressing, but get run off. Encountering a spirit called the Queen of Broken Flesh, the players anger the spirit, who banishes them from the area.
Location  • Northwest Portland (Portland General Hospital)
Cast  • Dylan Harper Eleanor Sorenson Adam Mark Danny Jericho Moira Holland
Pain Harvest: Patient Zero
(2019-05-13) The group goes to fulfill the bargain with the Queen of Broken Flesh, learning more about the spirit behind the plague.
Location  • Northwest Portland (In the Shadow of Portland General)
Cast  • Mikael Fen Lex Valerie VanBrandt Lani Mark Harvester
The Pain Harvest: Run Like Hell
(2019-05-21) A group of investigators get more than they bargained for in Northwest Portland, the disease having spread greatly in the period of confusion.
Location  • Northwest Portland
Cast  • Mark Danny Jericho Carter Cooke Mikael