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Generic catchall page for off-grid locations of all kinds.


A Bad Day
(2018-02-15) A flashback to when Lance and Liam first met, one springing the other from police custody.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Police Precinct)
Cast  • Lance Liam
A Gathering of Gangrel
(2019-04-25) The Gangrel of the Republic gather to name a new Priscus and ensures needs are being met.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Clearing in the Woods)
Cast  • Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Tiarnan Julia Baptiste Fen Clint Mikael
A Girl's Dream
(2019-08-04) Byron has offered to see what clues he can uncover from Rosie's subconscious using his power over dreams. Things does not work out as planned.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Lancea et Sanctum holding location)
Cast  • Byron Prescott
A Night with the Beasts
(2019-06-21) The Gangrel Priscus hosts a Savage Fight Night, drawing fighters and spectators from near and far, Kindred and otherwise, to spend an evening spilling the red stuff in the middle of no where. The new girl in town makes an interesting showing and the Sheriff makes an interesting mistake, and they both take the team match-up for Portland.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Wilderness Clearing)
Cast  • Tiarnan Liam Lani Mikael Lurk
April 2019 Crone Meeting
(2019-04-24) Portland's Circle of the Crone gather to place a new Hierophant and Primogen for their Covenant.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (The Mother Tree)
Cast  • Julia Baptiste Mikael Ursula Antoun
Congratulations on your new cesspit
(2019-07-22) Zeta invites Nick over for a beer at her favorite dive bar, her family shows up and she ends up owning a cesspit.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Joe's)
Cast  • Deacita Nick Moore Vincent Lombardo Zeta Lombardo
Creepy Storage Unit
(2019-03-14) The group goes to check out a storage unit owned by Rosie, a mortal who has been missing and is connected to the Sheriff, Napolean Grier.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Creepy Storage Unit)
Cast  • Amelia Greene Catriona Alleyne Josef Pagan Kevin O'Brien Mercy Tiarnan
Demons on the Church Steps
(2020-05-20) After seeking solace at the same NA meeting, Day stumbles into Mikey's life quite literally.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Outside a Small Church)
Cast  • Dayana Oliver Mikael
Ermenjart's Vision
(2019-06-04) Years of dedicated study of the blood magic belonging to her bloodline, culminate in Olivia attempting to perform, with the assistance of Iain, one of the more difficult and rewarding rituals.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Bennett Associates)
Cast  • Olivia Bennett Iain Fremont
Familiar Faces in Odd Places
(2019-03-17) It's amazing what you find at vegan coffee-trucks in the early hours of the morning here in Portland. Old friends for example!
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Vegan Coffee-Truck)
Cast  • Phoenix Ravi Arya
(2019-05-21) Olivia asks a favor of Iain, and offers one in return.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Bennett Associates)
Cast  • Olivia Bennett Iain Fremont
Group Up!
(2019-04-29) A group of The Group group on the roof of The Group's HQ.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Firestation #7 - Roof)
Cast  • Regan Saville Angela Flores Aoife MacNaughton Character:Travis_McQueenGlenda Arkwright
I Know Who You Aren't!
(2019-04-11) Surprise meeting in the ADAs office
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Assistant DAs offices)
Cast  • Moira Holland Josef Pagan
Into The Dark
(2019-04-26) Mercy brings Tiarnan to try and talk her sire, Najam Muzlim, into joining the Praxis.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (The Egyptian Theater Basement)
Cast  • Mercy Tiarnan
Let the Games Begin
(2019-10-06) The First meeting of the Greater Portland Consilium.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Consilium Chambers)
Cast  • JaceyRajendra Ben Dalby Valgeir Jónsson Beau
New Friends!?
(2019-04-17) Moira meets some of Oscar's family?
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (ADA's office)
Cast  • Moira Holland Oscar Grover
No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
(2019-04-26) Liam goes on a short trip to dig into Mikael's past. Because that's what Irraka do.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Somewhere in the Smoky Mountains.)
Cast  • Liam Mikael
No great discovery is made in your own back yard
(2019-10-20) Odysseus talks about the Sanctuaries, answers questions and gives a demonstration.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid
Cast  • Ben Dalby Geneva Rose Sterling JaceyCharacter:James_McDermotNicholas Dwyer Rajendra (Storyteller)
Og Tone's Dead
(2019-03-20) Nolan gets dirty with some gangsta shit and takes out a baller.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid
Cast  • Nolan Carter
Pop! Goes the Weasel
(2019-04-05) Garrett and Johnny, at Dean Perkins' request, investigate the basement of an alumnus' newly-acquired magic and horror prop shop -- and find far more than what they'd anticipated.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (The Dapper Cadaver - Magic and Horror Prop Boutique)
Cast  • Garrett Knox Johnny Avildsen
Pop Went the Weasel
(2019-04-24) A group returns to the Dapper Cadaver, hoping to put the mystery of the creepy basement to rest.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (The Dapper Cadaver)
Cast  • Ryan Number Five Nico Cross Garrett Knox Johnny Avildsen Regan Saville Ecliptic (ST)
Crackle Pop Go the Bugs
(2019-04-25) At the eleventh hour, just as things start to go horribly wrong, help arrives to provide a timely exit. And the Dapper Cadaver burns.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (The Dapper Cadaver)
Cast  • Elijah Morris Jonathon Perkins Number Five Johnny Avildsen Regan Saville Nico Cross Garrett Knox Ecliptic (ST)
Rats of Terror in the Park
(2019-03-06) Roselynn and Callie run into something terrifying and completely unexplainable in the park. There are rats and fire and nightmares.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (One of the parks, don't remember which.)
Cast  • Roselynn
(2019-03-16) Ravi runs into Osric, an old acquaintance, while Osric is having a nice dinner with Teegan. Ravi joins and some tentative agreements are made to help Teegan with a little problem.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (some upscale restaurant)
Cast  • Osric Drake Character:Teegan JacksonRavi Arya
Red Tiarnan
(2019-03-07) Tiarnan goes to Seattle to seek vengeance, is tested, and emerges the victor.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Seattle Exurbs)
Cast  • Tiarnan
Santa Maria
(2019-03-05) A group of Kindred discover a new threat, and the Sanctified Primogen is killed.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Maria's Church)
Cast  • Nolan Carter Tiarnan Character:Anastasiya AlexandrescuDoranLoki FenKevin O'Brien Amelia Greene Hellcat Henry Pettygrove
Seducing an Asset Part One
(2019-03-11) John Bishop makes an asset in the mortgage finance community
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Wells Fargo bank)
Cast  • John Bishop
Seeking Wisdom
(2019-06-27) Lurk seeks out Brianna on behalf of the Priscus and discusses the wisdom of certain choices to be made.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Brianna's Subterranean Den)
Cast  • Character:LurkBrianna (NPC)
The Brides Arrive
(2019-09-20) The Brides of Dracula arrived to town and send a message.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Alley behind Midnight Records)
Cast  • Fen
Theatre Review
(2019-04-16) Investigations by Olivia on the Egyptian Theatre yield her some results, and she's quick to contact both Josef and Tiarnan to pass this information on.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Bennett Associates)
Cast  • Olivia Bennett Josef Pagan Tiarnan
Too Busy Dreaming
(2019-10-14) An outdoors study session takes a Mysterious turn.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (University Campus)
Cast  • Rajendra
We Love Our Secrets
(2019-06-25) Byron seeks out the Sunset Winery, not knowing exactly what to expect when he gets there.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Sunset Winery)
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Byron Prescott
What We Do in the Shadows
(2019-10-18) A meeting of the Guardians of the Veil.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (An Old Power Relay Station)
Cast  • Rajendra Geneva Rose Sterling Character:James McDermotJack Finch Tiamat Character:Epopt Nemo
When Architects Meet
(2019-04-15) Following a Letter of Introduction from Iain to Olivia, an invitation is extended for him to meet with her at her offices.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Bennett Associates)
Cast  • Olivia Bennett Iain Fremont
Cast Away - Where the Bodies Are
(2019-10-07) Some upstanding citizens of the Praxis set out to investigate a potentially sticky situation.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (University Park Alley)
Cast  • Alistair Barbara McNamara Deirdre O'Shaughnessy Fen Frances Lurk Shane Flagg Tiarnan Byron Prescott (ST)