A Touch of Whiskey at Uni

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Cast  • Lurk Alistair Frances

Location  • Portland State University

Date  • 2020-05-23

Summary  • Frances shows off her new pet and Ordo conversation happens


Sooo... the food's supposed to start flocking in right... but damnit the university isn't really and truly OPEN open for business so boo. Frances still decided to poke her head in to see what's going on, what they are planning on doing and if there's any sort of organization. Shocker, there is no organization or real plan or knowing of thingz but there are some posters up denoting some of the new rules such as which dorms and buildings are closed and any meet-n-greets that will happen soon enough, six foot apart of course!

She's actually out there for other reasons considering now and then there's a black shape in the sky that flap flaps before pretty much dive bombing her with the grace of, well not a bird of prey and not really something unusual or out to actually peck at Frances, it's a regular ol' crow. She's got a pocket full of goodies and is currently teasing the thing by not feeding it at the very moment that it wants the food. Her attire is her usual and at least she looks to be in good spirits and fully fed. Now to train the crow and be on the lookout for more foods.

How do you get it so that you can walk around in public in some wicked yellow robes and not be arrested for people thinking that you're currently high on a mixture of narcotics. It's called Obfuscate.

He doesn't really exist in the eyes of many people. They just glance past him. Eyes peel off him, and people looking at CCTV just.. Don't really notice it. You'd think on review people would notice it, but do you know just how much footage there is? Yeah. So instead, you have this yellow robed man. The Crow might notice. Infact, Alistair's just standing there, staring intently at Frances and the Crow.

There's an artistry to the devilry of Lurk, really.

She's not like Alistair. The darkness accepts her, certainly. The great divide, the yawning depths of the curious, maddening places that spawn her kind know it all too well. It is not, however, a cloak she chooses to wear. Instead, she merely meanders her way down the street in what appears to be an Indian inspired yellow garb roughly the same colour one might expect of Alistair's attire rather than her usual edgy accoutrement. There are delicate chains and bells, beautiful embroidery on fine fabric, the occasional well placed gem that catches what light she paces beneath in her excursion. On dark lips, a soft smile rests, too-bright eyes lazily half-lidded as she makes her approach.

The quarantine hasn't worried her as much as it has worried others.

She seeks different prey.

When she spies Frances, her smile broadens. Until, of course, one of her eyes moves to hone in on the crow that's growing more irritated by the second. Her pupils fatten. It's very clear she's already getting ideas. At least, they would be obvious, were Frances to know precisely what that ancient beast actually is. She sniffs softly, forcing her attentions from the blonde's little companion, her head tilting curiously to one side. "Frances," She greets, head giving a shallow nod.

<OOC> Frances says, "are you okay with me trying to pit mmy auspex against your obfuscate alistair?" <OOC> Alistair says, "Absolutely."

........................... Frances rolls 5 Dice ............................

 Roll: Auspex + Blood Potency
 Result: Success (3) -- (1 6 8 9 9)

........................................................... success (public)

........................... Alistair rolls 6 Dice ...........................

 Roll: Obfuscate + Blood Potency
 Result: Success (3) -- (3 10 6 8 2 9 6)

........................................................... success (public)

<OOC> Frances says, "page 125, had to find it myself" <OOC> Frances says, "hah you win but sooo close!" <OOC> Alistair says, "DON'T TOUCH ME"

A fling into the air of a bit of gristley meat, that tidbit is offered to the crow like he's some kind of trained falcon, he's not... he'll probably not catch it and once it falls to the ground he'll sqwack out his disdain because of course it's Frances who missed not him. Lurk, yeah she's hopped away from after the nom nom is swallowed and then up onto Frances's shoulder like she's his pirate queen and he a sooo not colorful parrot.

Frances will expand her mind and take a look around because really it's very rare when the pair is seperated and she'll look in that spot that he's standing in but obviously her senses don't exactly catch him fully so she'll just return her attention towards Lurk. A point towards the bird, "Good evening, this is Whiskey, he's for the house so please don't eat him if you can help it?" Because yeah, that's first and foremost to not eat the help and he's barely a real morsel anyways. "He's gonna be a normal sentry during the day and let me know if anything weird happens." The yellow fanciness is definetly noted and like she would be looking at the tendrils and lamps, so too do her eyes dance around the bits of gems that catch the light.

"A smart idea."

Of course Lurk has a +1. Of course it's just some creepy Yellow Robed thing. He pops into existence without fuss or concern, it's just like he's always been there. Except there was a blur or a bump in the brain when it came to recognizing him. Of course, now you have Lurk who is styling on him in a way that his formless shape really can't emulate - he's just a lurking thing.

"More reliable than a normal person I'd say. Or a security system. Can't check a security system if you can't sleep."

His head turns towards Lurk, and then back towards Frances. Then back towards Lurk. It's like his head has a bit of a nervous tic to it.

Her head tilts to the other side as Frances makes mention of not eating the crow, one corner of her mouth curling in a wry smirking. "I will not eat your friend, Frances." There's a moment of a pause, her shoulders rolling back in a lazy shrug as her eyes pan back to that inky feathered fellow. There's a soft smack of lips as she considers, brows lifting. "Unless, of course, you would see him ... evolved..." There's something terribly foreboding about the way she speaks at the best of times, and the situation isn't helping her idle menace any.

Finally, her attentions shift toward Alistair, "... I agree, only on the condition that we can dub him 19." A beat, "... Corvid-19."

... that's... awful.

If there's any sort of disgruntlement from the crow, he'll promptly get his beak pinched close so the adults can speak. Aaand it's an Alistair, who will get a nod of respectful greeting, "I would rather it stay as normal as possible just in case something happens, the more normal the better to not draw attention to anyone or place. It's like the house is, looks destroyed and unused so the only reason to try to get into it is to maybe spray grafitti or do drugs or somethin, no real reason to THINK that there's something actually happening in there, same with Whiskey." For now she doesn't say anything about other names for the bird, "I told him he can't come inside but he'll be well fed and I'll take care of all that." Then she'll be nice and let him nom some more bits of cooked meat.

"That pun shall be noted. I'm going to die inside later."

Alistair's voice describes the pain his tortured soul is experiencing from this - this pun turned weapon. He stares at the crow. Of course, Alistair's staring involves him leaning in, staring intently at it as he tilts his head to the side - peering at the avian creature before he slowly leans back a bit.

"You should look at setting up a security system." He offers as some advice. "I'm personally a fan of traps that break limbs. Slow things down. Make it easier for you to handle the food that gets lost in your lair." He pauses, and slowly looks around himself.

"So open. But so empty. How distinctly uncomfortable."

Lurk just looks put out.

She has not been appropriately appreciated.

Her kind are, however, used to not being understood.

She takes in a slow breath through her nose and lets it out in a sigh, one hand moving to shift her elaborate scarf back over her shoulder, as though it were some prosthetic version of the tentacles she can't rightly provide in public. Her lanterns are, however, still present in some form or another. At least, the lights are. They're simply trapped.

... Somewhere.

"He's a fine sentinel, but I believe she's not currently using him as her own security system. I believe she means for him to observe the Chapterhouse, to make certain nothing is amiss whilst we sleep." She pauses again, grunting quietly, "... Whilst -some- of us sleep." The inference, of course, being that Alistair doesn't. She redirects her attentions once more toward Whiskey, "He's a handsome fellow. He could be greater, but ... I see the value in his 'normalcy'." What a disgusting concept.

Oh right, of course, silly Frances she wasn't clear and as Lurk mentions the potention of the bird being over at the hospital, she'll nod in agreement. "I don't sleep in the same place every night so I don't need a security system, makes things easier and cheaper. Whiskey is for the hospital, chapterhouse.." cause yeah new lingo and whatnot.

After a touch of a pause she'll tilt her head to the side a bit herself, "I used to know how to build mundane traps but I am very out of practice but I can relearn if you need somethin like that for the place?" A look at the bird and a nod as he's nom nomming without a huge care in the world, well, except for the shiny bits on Lurk's outfit, "They could always be better but he at least has my blood in him so that's a start, as normal as could be and still be useful."

"Ah!" Comprehension dawns. "That will be useful. We do have a living staff that we use to take care of the upkeep, but it would be good to have an animal who is more than capable of detecting most intruders." He doesn't point out Obfuscate. Obfuscate is cheating. Normal sneakiness is what we're talking about here.

"You can take yourself upon whatever tasks you like. One of the things about the Ordo Dracul is to help you find your own path. We will guide you. Help reshape you, but personal will and direction is your key to ascendancy."

Sounds very culty.

"I like traps that break limbs because I feed intruders to my home. He dislikes intruders. Very much."

"Survival is a skill many overlook. They believe that this world will always provide, that serendipity or raw strength will carry them through, and depend upon the power of the blood above all else... they forget that the most mundane of paths often lead to the most extraordinary successes." Lurk provides. "I believe you could benefit with revisiting skills you once had, in what likely seems a lifetime ago already. That said, if you are ready to move on from it, that is your choice, as well... as Alistair has mentioned."

She takes a moment to consider something, a bit of a noise breathed out. "I will see about granting access to my home, or providing at least some services to the Chapterhouse, though ... my home is also," She squints, sucking in a breath through her teeth as she seeks just the right words to explain. "... Resistant to company, as well. Still, we have been here some time now, and it doesn't appear that I should be leaving any time soon... so, it may be time that I invest in improving the lives of the Ordo Dracul here and now." She lifts her hand to idly scratch the tips of her pointed nails beneath her chin in her open consideration.

"Before I do this, however, I must first try to understand the unique threats this place poses to us and to our research." She nods once.

"He?" she'll direct with a confused look towards Alistair. She'll then let out a bit of literal chitter towards Whiskey and he'll launch away into the night and likely to run amok near the hospital area, probably off to find another bottle of whiskey to take a sip of, damn drunks. With that burden off her literal shoulder she'll continue with an, "How can a building..." Blink, blink, pause, question not finished as she'll look back towards Lurk, "I prefer to rely on the mundane skills as much as possible since I've had them longer and they are less likely to not work. I had several places in Reno before I was moved here and had suitable protections between the wolves, security cameras and my own mortal talents, now it's just easier to move around, I got tired of people coming by and having to turn things off."

At least a place being unwelcoming makes sense, that she gets but a place eating things?! "I'm getting back into crafting, once I can come up with enough money to start buying up what I need. It helps me with being okay..ish with fire, the exposure to it and since I'm going to focus on me and learning as much as I can, I felt it was the right time to get back into it. Besides, I can have my silver again." whatever that means.

"Because it sits upon a Nexus of Power. There are many things here, which those amongst us are ignorant of. An entity resides within. It does not like intruders. I am not an intruder." His head bobs a little bit, before he tugs his robes further around him. "The things that we know, and we're capable of. Many would think that they're.. Passive. There's things that we overcome. They do not seem worth our sacrifices." A beat. "Those people are ignorant. Stupid. They are test subjects. Anyone who is not Ordo Dracul is a valid tool for experimentation. Those that do not try to become better, become more. They are chaff."

With that radical statement from Alistair, he continues. "Mundane skills are always useful. Knowledge and training will help you understand limitations - and how to overcome them."

"I also don't like people coming by. I don't accept visitors unless previously invited." A small pause. ".. Is there anything else to discuss? I'm sorry. I am not good at this.. Small talk."

A hand moves to gesture toward Alistair as he explains, "As with his, so too with mine, with some additional..." Her lips purse, her brows furrowing as she fights to find a way to explain the black blood to someone that does not posess it.

She fails.

"Eehn." She makes a noise instead, "It's complicated." She concludes.

"That said, my home is among the safest places, should you find a need to retreat from those that might seek to do you harm. It is dark. It is quiet. It is deep," A slow blink, "Deep," She repeats, breath shallowing into stillness. "... Deep." Eyelids flutter closed and open long seconds after, her back straightening as she refocuses, the dim light of her eyes seen for mere moments before that bioluminescent quality quiets into shadowed gaze. "The weight of it is exquisite."

She turns her attentions toward Alistair briefly, then back to Frances as something dawns on her. "... Hm..." She lets out another noise, "We... us all, are experiments, as well. We too must ask, must answer, must know and must change..." From the far away quality of her musing, one can only assume there's some weird, indechipherable series of quandries and theories slithering about in there. Her brows knit, her attentions fall toward the ground and she grows silent briefly.

"... If you'll excuse me," She finally speaks, eyes darting toward the distant periphery of the street lights that have sprung to life in the late hour. "I will have questions for you both soon." She promises... informs... threatens? Whatever, it's out there now.

"I will expect honesty." With that, she turns to leave.

Hey at least the small talk isn't involving children or sports teams or whatever the newest diet is, she's not a Karen toating a new SUV soccer-mom mobile but she is very very confused but the Ordo are a confusing lot and she knows damned well that she hasn't even begun to touch the surface of this deeeeep mystery of the weird. Frances will just offer up a nod and state an,

"Good evening, I don't have anything pressing." and as Lurk mentions the whole safe haven of hers, its deep darkness and likely creepy as hell safe serenity laced with doom, she'll nod as well. Then there's the lights and the weird looks, well more weird than usual and her only response is an, "I'll see you later..." since there's no telling what questions may come. Alistair.. He doesn't really walk anywhere. He just stops being important. Eyes start to slowly roll over him. How very boring.

Very very boring.

"You can reach out to me at any time if you require financial assistance, Frances. I invested in Cryptocurrently when it first came out. As long as Lurk approves, I will provide."

With that, he's.. Walking backwards. Oh good. Alistair's so normal. He turns after the third step and begins to rapidly move away - he's suddenly turning into a nest of shadows, and then he's scuttling away. Faster that way.