Communications Breakdown

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Location  • La Morte Spettro

Date  • 2020-04-06

Summary  • Andras makes an offer to the Invictus, and does not handle being rebuffed well.


Andras had requested to speak with the Baron Commissioner, and this was the date and time arranged: outside of the Elysium, but still secure from mortals. After all, who among them would be out and about right now?

“Lord Sangiovanni,” John says pleasantly as he walks through the front door, with a knight of the Invictus and a dark-haired woman following close behind. “I apologize for my lateness. I was at Elysium and encountered an august gentleman who might have some interest in what’s to be discussed, as it’s rather … in line with his interests.”

He then turns towards Five, leaning in to give her a brief kiss on thecheek. He does an excellent job hiding it, but three things are painfully clear: the first is the Daeva’s curse is affecting him with respect to this Thrall, the second is he’s aware of it, the third is he hates it. Still, ah, what can one do but roll with the punches?

“You’re among allies,” John tells Five in something quite like reassurance. “This isn’t Elysium.” An unusual explanation, but not exactly wrong, either…

While walking in beside John, Five was a little distracted by her unfamiliar surroundings. Bright green eyes hold a curious gaze as she looks around, taking in all the sights. Who was standing where, what people were doing, art on the walls… every detail was being looked over. Until John plants a light peck on her cheek. One could compare it to a pet reacting to an affectionate scratch on her head. It brings her attention back to the vampires on their business. She straightens her posture some as she looks over Andras with an mildly interested look. The young woman is dressed rather casually compared to her vampiric master. Where John wears a suit, she wears a simple hoodie and jeans. Her head tilts curiously at John’s words to her, although it takes a moment before she smiles with perhaps it’s meaning. The thrall starts to look a little more excited, composed, but now actually interested in whatever business has brought her amongst other vampires. “Pleased to meet you… Lord Sangiovanni,” she tells the other vampire, giving a small nod of respect.

Said knight is traveling slightly behind John and his thrall. Sean’s hands are clasped behind his back as he enters through the door looking around a bit as he steps in although he does look at the Suit a bit oddly at his choice of words… But he is the Baron Commissioner, Sean’s just a Hound pup.

The words from John seem to draw Andras’s thoughts away from whatever they had been as he looked down at that brandy glass that his right hands fingertips just barely danced across, Those tattooed fingers lifting away from the glass as his right foot moved to press agaisnt the bar and with a little push that bar stool shifts and turns to the entrance. The Sangiovanni’s eyes of bluish grey settling upon the little group that comes in, primarily keeping his focus upon John as he listens to that greeting and the explaination. Those final words from the suit to his thrall bringing Andras’s lips to drift into a small smile brimming with amusement. “No.. this is not Elysium. But still safe to those who walk past that door, with few exceptions.” A brief pause is given before he is turning his focus on Five briefly. The woman given a curious look before he is Sean, “I am guessing this is the gentleman then?” A pause given before he asks Sean, “Newly arrived to our lovely little city I take it?” That focus remaining for a few moments on Sean before finally Andras slips from the stool.

The man standing up fully as he takes up that brandy glass lifting it to the little group, “We can talk in the private lounge if you would all rather, Exchange those formalities and pleasantries in comfort and a bit more privacy.. But first.. Anyone care for a cigar or drink?” His fine brow inching up in that fine questioning arc as he looks over the trio that had stepped into that business. When Five offers her greeting and gives that nod of respect the Sangiovanni’s head dips to her as he offers up a small smile with just that faintest hint of warmth. “Of course, And you as well.”

“No, thank you, Lord Sangiovanni, I ate earlier,” the Suit says, which might explain some of Five’s paleness. Ah, the virtues of having a Thrall, one is never without an ambulatory drink cart. “Five will have some—” A minor jar enters his words: he would normally have a Thrall drink cognac, but let’s face it, Five’s more about “—ice water.” Damned Daeva curse.

John moves in deeper, heading towards the private lounge. “Thank you for the invitation, Lord Sangiovanni.”

Sean shakes his head a bit, “Not at all. I’ve been taking my time fully establishing myself but I’ve been here in the City since before the wonderful arrival of our Prince. It was just slow gathering my resources for a move to Portland.” At the offer of drink he shakes his head, “No thank you Lord Sangiovanni but I appreciate the offer.”

Water over booze is chosen by the Daeva and Five makes a mental note that this is probably even more serious business than she thought. Which tugs on her curiosity and intrigue even more. She follows along, remaining quiet but glancing around at the interior again. Wherever John sits, she takes the seat beside him, leaning slightly against him in a comfortable manner. Of course she’s happy to be posed however her vampire pleases, but seems to take a more platonic appearing manner while in unfamiliar company.

The words from John have Andras giving a small subtle nod of his head, “Very well, though if you do find yourself in need during these..trying times do not hesitate to reach out and let me know. I will get you the number for..a safe and secure source.” A pause is given as he says that glancing between John and Sean as if extending that offer to the pair of fellow Invictus. Within moments though he just nods, The tattooed man calling out in Italian bringing a head to peek out from the humidor as the older man looks out giving a quick nod. The man moving in closer to Andras to offer up two cigars. The man taking the tubes and sinking them into his jacket as the old man continued on to head behind the bar to get that drink if ice water for Five.

Andras himself turns halfway away from the group only to bring his right hand out to motion to the door at the back of the main room. Moments later the Sangiovanni is making his way towards the door, his right hand moving out to push it open bringing that more nicely appointed private lounge beyond to be revealed as he keeps that door held open for the little trio. The man’s focus turning to Sean as he tells him, “Well now that you are here might find yourself hard pressed to leave, I’ve been here in portland now for 70 years or so off and on. It is no venice, But still a lovely little city.”

Once inside the private lounge, John chooses a leather couch and sits down upon it, drawing in Five against him in a way that’s both tasteful and makes clear their relationship is decidedly not Platonic. Sure, the mortal has her preference, but her Regnant has his, and that’s all she wrote. Still, it should be underlined the Baron Commissioner is careful to not broach the rules of good taste.

“Lord Sangiovanni, you invited me here to discuss matters connected to the arsenal of unusual and exotic weapons that I’ve collected, yes? No doubt both to gauge the … extent of my collection, and to probe the prospects of being allowed to access it?”

Sean nods a bit as he follows them into the Lounge, “That’s looking more and more likely to be the case. I’ve been eyeballing some property to purchase and begin establishing a better base for myself here but I suppose I should figure out who’s who and where they’re all based out of to not step on any toes.” Then the Baron Commissioner jumps right to business and the knight finds himself a place to sit and at least just observe for now.

While John takes up that seat with the thrall upon the sofa Andras settles in upon a nearby high backed lounge chair. The man settling in and reaching down to unbutton his jacket finally to allow for a bit more comfort and reveal that vest and the chain running between its pockets beneath. Those tattooed fingers of his right hand lowering to fish out of his pocket that pocket watch almost as if some little tick that remained from those days of mortal life all those decades ago. His thumb brushing over the lid of the pocket watch slowly as he listens to John looking to the man more than the thrall with him as he listens. In the end Andras’s hand holding his brandy glass lifts and gives a little wave of sorts, “Something along those lines, but not exactly no..” The man clarifying before the glass is raised and a sip is taken of the brandy laced blood within, A soft sigh leaving him of contentment and enjoyment as that glass is lowered. “I invited you here to discuss the arsenal you spoke of in Elysium yes, To inquire about the weapons and how they are being secured. Especially given the concerns we now have in regard to those ghouls running around unattended and trying to cause trouble.. And to make an offer of sorts.” The clarification given that glass is set down and the man fishes out the two cigar tubes. While Sean and John had been asked and offered the man in the end actually extends one of those tubes out offering it to Five as his gaze settles upon the woman. “That drink should be along in just a moment. Can enjoy this though while you wait for it if you want..” The man making that offer before Sean’s words bring his focus to the hound and newer arrived Invictus.

Andras gives Sean a curious look a few moments before he tells the other kindred, “Ah, well there is plenty of property to be had if one knows where to look in the city. And easy enough to avoid stepping on toes. So long as you don’t mind the dead Belmont here is a lovely area and does have a few offerings in fact..”

Five happily curls up against John. Social settings are not the thrall’s strong point nor is she any good at reading a room. So, she takes her cues from the vampire. The subject of the arsenal being brought up again grabs at her attention again. She’s unable to help but perk up, in a somewhat subdued and collected manner. But her apparent interest is hard to miss. The young woman remains quiet on the subject for now, though. It’s not her place to speak or act on the matter. Yet. Glancing over toward Andras with the status of her water, Five gives him an appreciative look. “Thank you,” she responds politely. There’s a glance to John at the offer of wine but she responds as she looks once more to the Sangiovanni. “I’ll decline. For now.”

“Most of the collection is already in safekeeping at Lovejoy Lodge, where it may be inspected by any of the Unconquered who convince either myself or the Ever-Vicious Archon they ought be entrusted with such a tour,” John says as he idly traces a fingertip up and down the back of Five’s neck, the better to reassure the Thrall. “The only exception is Five here, who, being my Thrall, is rather more mobile than the other contents of the arsenal. Five is an accomplished pyrokinetic, among other things. Such an individual cannot be allowed to exercise free will: they must be either enthralled or killed. Under the prior regime, the Primogen Council was too fractious and turnover was too rapid to make any meaningful decisions, so I sua sponte decided to go the former route. And, regrettably, had to conceal her talents in order to not create a storm of controversy. But now the Prince has explicitly authorized my collection … and Five finds she does not mind, not in the least, being collected.”

Sean nodding a bit as he listens to the two of them talking before Sean looks over at Andras, “I have no issues with the dead. So what offerings are here in the Belmont area?” Then Five’s nature is revealed and the knight’s attention is fully on the very very dangerous mortal, “I see. You did a great service to the First Estate in collecting her Baron Commissioner. Now I’m curious if there are more like her in the city. Where there’s one there’s twenty or is that just for vermin?”

The words from Five and that decline of the cigar has Andras giving a small nod, the man’s shoulders rising and rolling back into a shrug as he leans back into his seat fully once more tucking away one of those cigar tubes while keeping the other in his hand. The man slowly spinning that golden tube in his finegrtips as he turns his focus from the thrall back to the kindred before him. His focus first coming to rest upon John as he shifts his weight slightly in his seat as if finding that most comfortable position. The man listening intently to the words from John on the arsenal and how it could be accessed, in the end the tattooed invictus nods and while some might accept things at that the man instead decides to question and clarify. “I see, so beyond this one the majority of this collection of weapons is held in one single location. Secure as it may be there is still great risk in keeping everything secured away in the same location. Should these ghouls manage to uncover the location of the lodge and take it during the day we would lose the arsenal..And those weapons would be in the hands of those who wish nothing more than to see us crumbling to nothing in the daylight sun.. Or torn limb from limb and allowed to bleed out before destroying our bodies..” A brief pause is given as he seems to mull things over before he adds, “I would suggest, and this is simply coming from a place of concern over security and over having such a cache in one single location.. that perhaps some of the cache be split up and secured in hiding beyond at the lodge. I will even go so far as to offer this place as perhaps a suitable location for one such cache..” The man setting down that cigar tube to give a little snap of his fingers. Within moments and from one of the little corners of gathering darkness there comes a young woman dressed oddly similar to five at least so far as the theme of darker muted colors goes, the young woman wearing a hoodded sweatshirt with the thing drawn up over her head. As she comes further into the light it quickly becomes apparent the woman is less than alive given the fact she doesn’t seem to breath and just stands there like some silent sentinel. “The bonds with ghouls can be broken as some have learned the hard way.. The bonds of these ones..far harder to break..And so resilient..No one gets into my crypts without permission, and any who try..find that somethings are more real and far more dangerous than what movies depict.” His hand giving a small wave to the hooded woman before he is motioning her back to those shadows and the secret passages she had come from.

When Sean asks his question the Sangiovanni gives a little shrug, “Older businesses where the owners are aging or have since died and their children have little interest, to some of the older and finer estates of the city. Just depends what you are hunting for..wanting for. And not minding the dead is good, especially here.” The man motioning over that more private lounge.

“The Lodge is secured quite well, Lord Sangiovanni. I see no reason to move any of the resources elsewhere. Although I do not doubt the sincerity of your offer I’ve no reason to believe you offer better protection than Lovejoy’s.”

John turns his head to kiss Five’s forehead, and she in turn raises her head to look at him with a pleasant smile. For his part, John smiles back just before the sensuous, sinful Beast flows like a river and, on some level that can’t be seen but only intuitively understood, the Beast bites down /hard/ on the back of Five’s neck.

What’s visible? Just her eyes rolling back, her mouth falling open, as her mind is cored out like an apple.

“Shh, shh,” John says as he closes her mouth by lifting up on her lower jaw. “You won’t remember a thing.”

The mesmerized Thrall offers a dreamlike, narcotized smile. “I won’t remember a thing,” she repeats, happy, content, drugged.

John sets her head back down on his shoulder before looking back over to the others. “She gets so upset when hearing us discuss the organization she fled,” he says in explanation. “It’s a kindness to her and it spares me the headache of suppressing her mind when she’s on the edge of meltdown. Lord Executioner, you’re quite right. There are a number of others with similar talents in town — her organization, the one she fled, representing but only one faction.”

Sean nods a moment as he listens, “I would second that Lovejoy’s Lodge is likely one of the most secure places. I’ve invested a bit in helping ensure that security as well.” Then he looks at John with a frown on his face, “There’s an entire organization of people with her type of abilities here in Portland and we haven’t razed it to the ground? What can I do as a Knight to assist in eliminating a threat to the First Estate? And although I use the term eliminate loosely. Be it destroyed or subjugated it matters not as long as it’s no longer a threat yes?”

The words from John have the tattooed man giving a small shrug, “If that is your belief then you are of course entitled to it, But time in the war taught me different as have numerous troubles in different cities where there was need for me and mine to visit to help..resolve certain issues.” A brief pause is given as he listens to the further explaination after he calms and soothes Five. In the end when he mentions those other organizations Andras’s fine brow lifts. “And yet you do not see the wisdom in making sure the cache is not in one sole location even with there being other groups of similar nature and intent? Keeping this..collection of weapons all in one single location no matter how secure you or others of our convenant might feel it is.. in the end more than a little bit short sighted and foolhardy. Yes, Foolhardy.” The man’s words showing that resolution of his and that steadfast belief that doing such was against most conventions of wisdom. “You put all your weapons in one place and either a large enough force can either wrestle for control during the day or simply put the location under watch and know any who come and go or access its stockpile. You see wisdom in keeping them all at the lodge with the Archon, And that is your right as our current leader in the city.. But it is the right of any member to question the wisdom behind such a choice when it puts ALL kindred within the city at risk if others get their hands on it. Princes blessing or not, Putting everything in one place.. Is a fools errand and will only put us all at greater risk.. And paints a giant fucking target on the lodge itself.” His head gives a small shake as he speaks his peace on the matter before finally with those last words and tone he drops it. A sigh leaving the Sangiovanni as he tosses down the cigar tube to take up his drink taking a deep sip from it. Slowly the glass is lowered and he glances towards Sean, “You have dealt with many of these sort of issues then? Hunters, especially hunters who know the inner workings of our kind and once served? Know how far their reach goes and what they know? I seriously doubt that.. Not trying to dismiss your talents as the newly appointed hound. But..” His head just shakes and he sighs, “You two can put your faith in the lodge then, And how secure it is. But if.. it falls, if those ghouls take those weapons or others do from your..single large cache. Do not come crying to me and mine about needing help with getting them back or finding who took them. And this will be getting brought up at the next meeting of the praxis.. While the prince might be fine with the cache, I for one am not. Not when it’s being held in a sole location puts all kindred of the city at risk and puts my clan at risk.”

“There are reasons why you’re not sitting on the Council, Lord Sangiovanni,” John states flatly. “I heard your offer. I declined it. Rather than seeking to sweeten the pot, or to approach the Ever-Vicious Archon to persuade him to your cause, your next step is to harangue me?”

John looks over towards Sean a moment, giving him an almost imperceptible nod, before looking back to Andras. “Harangue us? No, Lord Sangiovanni. Your offer is declined. Let it go.”

Andras slowly raises up hearing those flatly spoken words from John, “If I wanted to hrangue you I would have done this discussion in the Elysium when you first brought up your little stockpile up. In such a public place with more earns than you can ever claim to know or be able to account for. And while I may not sit on the council I still have a voice and I still have favors owed to me by others of our covenant.” A pause is given before Andras’s head just gives a shake, “You are being a fool John, You and the Archon. Keeping weapons stockpiled in one single location puts all kindred within this city at risk. And knowing now that you have a pyromancer at your disposal..yes.. I may not sit on the council but I do have a place within this city and among those who are Priscus here. And this will be discussed more fully by those who sit on that /particular/ council since it effects us all.” A pause is given when he hears Sean’s words, “Respect is given where it is deserved, You both seem to discount my experience as an Executor. So why should I give any weight to your titles and your own experiences? And given you did not introduce yourself formally and all I knew of you was that you are a newly annointed hound in this city..” A small shrug is given as he seems to drop it with that little movement of his shoulders.

John rises then from his seat, scowling openly at Andras. “You think yourself most high and mighty, Lord Sangiovanni, to dare deign call me by the familiar,” he all but spits. Five comes up to her feet along with him, still dazed. “In the interests of avoiding a war in your own domain, we take our leave. But know this: you’re a poor, poor member. Good night, Lord Sangiovanni.”

“And you think yourself infalible simply because you sit on the council. Good evening, I hope you find it suits you as well as you are deserving.” The man while not leveling an insult directly stopping so very closely to it with his words of parting to John before he is turning and wandering away from the little trio, “Just think about what I have said, It might be your arsenal but that does not mean that it has to remain within the city. And the Priscus will decide on that the next time we meet. I can promise you that.. And I for one? Am all for removing it.. ALL Remnants of it from the city.. since it is not properly secured.” That said Andras moves to settle in near the fireplace looking down into it.