Lions and Tigers and Ghouls, Oh My!

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Location  • Oregon Zoo

Date  • 2010-04-30

Summary  • Renegade ghouls cause chaps at the Oregon Zoo.


The ghoul comes rushing into Elysium, wounded, probably dying, off of his head. His Mistress, one Lady Groom Rosemarie Fletcher, has been taken against her will by enemies unknown, and dragged to the zoo in Washington Park. He knows, because he followed them there, but was ambushed shortly thereafter. Apparently it happened during the day, which matters, because it certainly could not have been other Kindred doing the deed. Her haven, a mansion in Arlington Heights, was rather masterfully broken into about five hours before sundown. He explains it was 'masterful' because her security system is par excellance, and was somehow, never, ever triggered. He heard her screams, and followed the black van that took her away at a great expense of what vitae was left in him to use Celerity to keep up and Obfuscate to remain hidden. So much vitae in fact, that he had none left to heal with, which explains why soon after he tells you all this, his hand falls away from his belly and his guts spill out all over the Elysium floor, all purple and bloody, and, he expires.

Oh goodie, a bleeding mortal.. pfft.. he can figure it out, he likely... yeah he did get himself into this mess, let him fester in his own mortal rot. Oh wait.. there's another kindred involve, guess Frances has to actually care now, damn. THIS is why she doesn't sleep in the same place every night, too many potential issues with being stable. "Might not be nothin left after five hours..." she'll state the obvious before shrugging and looking around to see if anyone else has the gumption to head out there, she's already making her way towards the door.

Oh look. Someone left a perfectly good Ghoul to expire on the floor. Oh. Shit. It's dead. Alistair had taken - read: dragged - Lurk out to Elysium to engage in 'being social'. Which, as one can imagine, lead to Alistair sitting at a table with the light off, practically perched on the chair and sitting so that Lurk is the first person that anyone has to greet as they get to the table. So very, very social.

Of course, when the entrails spill out, Alistair slowly descends from his chair, one stretched out toe at a time. The robes flutter down to prevent it from being seen if he's barefoot, or in dreaded socks and sandals, but he's lowered from the chair and practically scuttling over to the dead Ghoul, huffing deep sniffs as he goes. Head tilted to the side, it's as if he's going blind. He pauses, masked face aimed towards the dead body. Gloved hands stretch out - and he assists the Ghoul in removing its entrails to the outside by pulling the body to allow them to spill - and then he leans over, gloved hands digging into guts, moving and shifting, grasping the liver and drawing it so that he can examine its colour, its shape. Then a kidney. Then he's spooling some of the small intestine and watching how the blood drips off it - following it to the floor.

"Lies! Lies!"

How he's screaming lies while he's pawing through a pile of guts is anyone's guess.

"Look, look." He shifts a lump of intestine, pointing to a small growth. "This tells it. He helped!" A shove into the stomach cavity, a root around, and he turns to look back towards Lurk - raising a gall bladder.

"A tiger! The texture and smell of the bile in this ddo not lie! A.."

Sniff. Squeeze. Oh look. He's dribbled bile on the floor.

"There's awfulness afoot. A tiger as a patsy!"

Then he seems to remember where he is, and he shrinks a bit. "... it's all planned. It's in the entrails. They never lie."

Several of the Elysium ghouls stand around staring at Alistair begrudgingly. They're gonna have to mop that up!

It is luckily one of those nights the Sheriff is already at Elysium, working on 'things' when the ghoul comes in and dies at their feet. At first, he can't be bothered to pull attention from the map he has pinned with markings and notes scribbled on it. Then the mention of a Kindred unlife in danger makes ears perk and he listens for a bit. Really it isn't until Al's outburst that the old Dead Wolf finally turns around to see him rooting around in the body cavity of the dead ghoul. "What is it ye mean by that? Did this here ghoul assit in the capture of his master?" comes the question from across the room.

Lurk's hand lifts to daintily scratch a clawed fingertip against the bridge of her nose as Alistair begins reading the guts and making a mess, her attentions only offered in his direction by way of a downcast and sidelong stare that would aid her in denying any affiliation with that mad robed bastard. Her lips purse, her breath shallows, false as it is. When he concludes, she gives a quiet clearing of her throat before slinking easily to her feet, slowly turning and clasping her hands before her as she regards the entire bloody affair.

"Ah, so, he betrayed his Master, and then the others betrayed him?" She hazards, after having picked through the rantings. Her eyes flick to each of the organd he's presented, the skin above her nose wrinkling just slightly in her momentary silence, born of her open consideration. "To what end? What was in it for our friend here? Are we speaking of a literal tiger, or are we to assume the presence of some unknown Savage dealing in business unsavory?"

Sean watches as the ghoul comes in from where he's relaxing a bit further away than the entrance. And then... "Shame about that ghoul's death." And Alistair is... Playing with the insides. The knight climbs to his feet. He glances over as the Sheriff steps in as well but he's not questioning for now. He's just watching and studying for now.

And of course it would be Frances running into the fray without taking a moment to think about this being a trap, woo! "So they musta felt guilty after doin the deed and to make it believable the others killed him for it but made sure that he had enough vitae left to hold his shit in until he got here... how we gonna play this trap? Go straight in?"

"It says tiger. What that tiger is, is.. Well. That's up to how you view a tiger. Is it a smart tiger? Is it a tiger person? Person that is a tiger? Or a gangrel that wants to be a tiger?" Alistair pauses himself before he catches in a loop, and then probably ends up catching a smack to reboot himself. He pauses as he draws his hands out of the entrails, pausing to very slowly and carefully reach into his robe and produce a packet of wet wipes. The packet is opened, and then he begins cleaning his hands - tossing the used wipes on to the pile. After four are used, he seems satisfied and pulls one more to clean the pack of wet wipes. That is then discarded, and he puts the pack away.

"Lurk has the right of it. There is betrayal heaped upon betrayal. That's all the entrails say. In death, they did their Master a service." A pause, and then he tips his head away from the body, pointing his mask aside. His urge to paw through entrails satisfied, it appears the Haunt has little desire to look at the body now. "Should probably be going now. The fates don't wait." A hand waves towards Lurk, then off towards Frances. "Both have the right of it. Business unsavoury, more than likely."

Considering the situation and who is involved, Tiarnan hmms and mentions, "There is little chance they have delivered her final death if I ken correctly." He strides forward to explain, even if briefly, "We have a little time. If they are ghouls, which we suspect they are, they will want to keep her around to feed blood and take it in order to sustain themselves." His gaze sweeps to Frances a moment, "Do ye think we should consider a plan first or just go in with fangs out?" a bit of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

There is a soft sigh heaved.

Lurk allows her strange gaze to drift from person to person as they all involve themselves in their own ways, her attentions lingering a scant moment longer than it ought on each as she tries to figure what her own next step should be. With her deciphering of Alistair's initial rambling confirmed, she takes another quick look to the now defiled carcass of what was technically a living thing not so long ago, straightens herself and begins, "We are all animals in our own right. Beasts. Monsters. Let us see what, or who this Tiger is." She smooths her hands down the front of her, neatening her attire in subtly obsessive fashion, checking the buttons, tidying the wrinkles before a sharp breath through her nose to continue.

"I would assume a direct approach. Short of the Shade," She indicates Alistair, "We seem to have a rather blatant crowd forming. And so, I might suggest we afford an appropriate distraction, and he can remain hidden, as is his wont... that we have a proverbial ace in the hole."

Sean listens to the explanation and sighs a bit, "I'll need my sword. We may as well spring this trap. I'd brather face them when I'm awake than to be snagged and attacked while I'm asleep." He looks towards Lurk and nods a bit, "I think a direct approach would be more suited for me. Perhaps they'll be willing to sit and have a bit of discourse with me."

"I've been frequenting the area for the past few nights, it won't look suspecious if I make my way out there again tonight... so, I guess I'll go on ahead and meet you guys there?" Frances will offer a shrug and wait at the door to see what others are planning on doing before she'll slip out and get herself over there. She has been lurking in the park and zoo 'wilderness', in fact she made someone nearly shit their panties last night, THAT was way fun...silly mortals.

Alistair's head swivels over towards Lurk, the mask remaining pointed generally in her direction as she speaks. His head bobs a few times, before he then starts to make his way up the stairs. Reaching in to his robes, he produces a small pinch of dirt - which he proceeds to rub inbetween his gloved fingers until it falls loose and crumbles away, before he then just.. *POP!*

Oh, well okay since the plan is to just go in, Tiarnan gives the barest shrug of shoulders. " the zoo." he remarks, prepared to leave with the rest of them. As they are filing out, the Dead Wolf lets them get out of the building bringing up the tail. "Aye, see the lot of ye at the zoo." he offers, then heads off down the street himself. He has his own way to get there. Lurk also goes to the zoo. It's like a pre-schooler field-trip, but with morally ambiguous old folks.

The zoo... looks different than Frances may remember from even the previous night. For one thing, it's almost eerily quiet. There are no monkeys howling, no night birds trilling, no normally nocturnal animals making any sound at all. And then, there's the mist. There's a heavy fog undulating all throughout the park, lingering in most places at about waist-level so densely that it feels like you're wading through an opalescent river that just breaks apart softly as you move. It may be a bit disconcerting in that way, because like water, it makes it hard to see below the surface. It also clings to trees and the edges of buildings like ghostly hands cleaving until a bit of breeze breaks it apart and moves it, only to have it replaced by yet, more clutching fingers of mist.

There are no lights on. Not even the usual security lamps.

Sean looks around some and then nods as he goes to retrieve his rapier keeping it partially wrapped up to not scare the locals. As they arrive at the zoo he looks around and frowns at the lack of sound and light. "This is fiiine. This is normal right?"

"No.. it ain't normal... wasn't like this last night.." Frances admits as she takes a moment to allow her beastial instincts to take over just a tiny bit, yay. Otherwise she'll keep moving towards the zoo and it's creeptasticness knowing at least there IS backup somewhere out there.

Even though he's invisible, it's important to note that as soon as it gets dark, Alistair stops stooping so much. He's standing up much taller, 'breathing' much easier. His steps are more sure. Everything just flows into something that looks like it could vaguely survive as a Vampire. With the darkness so enclosing, his body seems to fade deeper into the dark of the night, his motions appearing slightly stuttering, small movements simply blinking around.

He wades through the mist in the dark, ranging ahead - probably overconfident in his ability to remain invisible. Thank you, Obfuscate.

However they all got to the zoo, Tiarnan does show up as well. He is with them, though stares at the mist for a moment with narrowed gaze. "This isn't THE Mist is it? Can anybody tell what has created this mist?" comes his clear low baritone with that Irish accent. He begins looking around, searching for any signs of animals in the zoo that should be alive with sounds, but is woefully silent.

Lurk is listening.

She listens to the silence, to the gentle hiss of mist.

She listens to Frances, the mention of something not being normal.

She allows her attentions to wander, keen as they can be, eyes bright and alert as that unnerving realisation that the world at large is hidden washes over her. Even she finds this unnerving -- she who exists in the deeps, in the hidden worlds, in the alien concepts that linger in that hollow, hungry dark. She squints, scanning the area, shoulders rolling as tension builds in the muscles as though the beast were anticipating something even she didn't see.

"I'm not sure... but I do believe it is hiding something... unsubstantiated as my assumptions may be."

There's a sudden scuttling beneath the mists, and suddenly both Lurk and Tiarnan are climbed by... squirrel monkeys! They are terrified, scaling them both like trees unless kicked off, the one on Tiarnan pulling at his beard, the one on Lurk cleaving to her as if she were its momma. Both of them are displaying the teethy grins of anxiety and fear.

Sean glances around at the others and shrugs, "With where we live I'm never sure if the mists are real or fake. They're just always around." He sighs a bit as he just stares at the mists, "Well. Hmmm." And then monkeys... "Well that was unexpected."

"The cats aren't out... they are always out.." Frances states the obvious that things are weird because hey the monkeys are not only FREE but are freaking out and clinging to vampires which in of itself is even worse! "Are they strong enough to control animals you think?" After that's stated she'll go back into her silence and allow her extra super duper beastie eyes glance around as she looks to make sure that every big cat's cage is indeed empty.

Mist. Thick mist. Oh. That reminds Alistair of something. Out comes a small bottle, and he waves it through the mist a few times - letting speed and drag catch some of the mist before he pops the lid on it, to allow it to evaporate and collect later. He sets the small bottle away, before he snaps his head towards Lurk and Tiarnan. Oh. Monkeys.

If they could hear him, they'd hear him releasing a soft exhale of stress. He pauses, and then immediately hunches. It's almost cat - no, badger is better - like, the way he scuttles himself over towards Lurk and Tiarnan's position. He hovers near there, one hand raised - it's almost like he's watched some self-defense videos and is vaguely aware of how to hold a hand. To you know. Strike something.

The scuttling has her immediate attention, Lurk's scowling stare flung to the mists as something approaches, quick as you'd like, muddled by fear and panic, desperate in flight. She is prepared to defend herself, but as that squirrel monkey scuttles up her body and clings there. She is momentarily confused, hands with too-long fingers lifting to take hold of the little critter in a strangely protective stance, her eyes then once more scanning out over the mists in confusion and paranoia. "Calm, calm..." She repeats to herself, clearly speaking to the monkey that will very likely find its way home with her by the end of all this.

Provided, of course, she's not swallowed by the mists.

"Like beasts fleeing a storm, or inferno," Lurk muses aloud, "Something is causing these children to act out of their nature, something frightens them, chases them perhaps ... I have to wonder what beast could cause such alarm." I mean, they know tigers. Tigers are a thing. But they've not yet discovered if it's literal of figurative, "Something that makes myself, and our dear Sheriff seem ... comforting."

"Aye, the cats..." he is about to say but here comes a spider monkey climbing him like an Oak tree. He says something to the tiny primate, falling into his native language for the time being, and it sounds soothing enough. While it isn't too insanely dangerous, Tiarnan doesn't mind the spider monkey holding on to him for comfort. Peering around he hmmms, "I donnae like this...inhaling deeply for any scents on the air not belonging to those he came here with. "We should track them down...." he states, beginning to look for signs to locate the ghouls now actively.

There's a loud ruckus up ahead around the corner from the one of the outdoor open cafes. Lions.

Roaring. More than one.

Roaring. That has Alistair momentarily freezing up - then he remembers. He's invisible. Shoulders slump a bit in a moment of self-doubt, before he then begins padding over the grounds, off on his way towards the open cafe. Things get easier when you're invisible and can take the direct route - none of this.. skulking about business. Alistair knows nothing about skulking.

Alistair sees: “They're coming," says a girl of just under twenty, or so she looks. She's sitting cross-legged on one of the cafe tables.

There are lions there, roaming around, moving affectionately around a man with yellow eyes dressed all in black. "The cats will take the strongest ones. The leopards are circling around from the back."

Yet another young man, this one with green-dyed hair and a Flogging Molly tee on, comes out of the actual restaurant. "The Groom is dispatched. She was absoluuuuutely delicious. I can already feel her power coursing through me. Not the best I've had, though."

The girl suddenly opens her eyes, hyper-aware. "I sense... something..."'

Lurk is unaware of Alistair's positioning, but at the sound of the lions, her brows furrow and she turns to face the direction from which it came. She still holds on to that frightened little monkey, yet she takes a few steps toward the sound. Bold. Stupid. Whatever it was about to be, it's abruptly cut short as she remembers the beastie that's attached itself to her. She lets out a bit of a grunt, halting her steps to observe.

"Alistair," She mentions, "Do be a friend, won't you?" She can only assume he'll know what she means.

Alistair is invisible. So nobody gets to see him come running back towards the group at full pelt - only popping into existence near Lurk and Tiarnan. Almost as if on queue from Lurk. There's a pause as he takes a few breaths. Then remembers he doesn't get winded. His voice comes through his helmet, muffled. "Leopards coming from behind. Actual leopards. There are three people. Two males. One female. They have lions."

A beat. Then, he adds. "They know we're coming. The female almost picked me up. One of the males mentioned that the Groom is dead. They drained the body."

Another beat. Then a vague description of all three of the individuals.

Almost as if by cue, the group hears a low, rattling series of growls emitting from the mists behind them. They seem to be coming from a variety of directions, and are closing in, but black leopards move as sleeking as shadow. Where are they??

"Fascinating..." he claims with a tilt of his head at the news. Tiarnan hmms and takes hold of the spider monkey, handing it off to Alistair if it will allow such a thing. "I cannae protect this guy if I have to fight." the Sheriff declares with a glance toward the Nossie. "Shall we attempt to be diplimatic first?" he questions with a glance around at the others.

Raising his voice, the old Dead Wolf annnounces himself, "I am Tiarnan Aed Mac Rory O'Connor. Ye may have heard I am Sheriff of this city. Ye may ken that ye have no chance in a fight." A pause for dramatic affect. "If ye come with me peacefully, as Sheriff I will make certain ye stand trial for your crimes." Another longer silence to let that sink in before he adds, "If nae, ye will be made an example." Aaaand then poof, Frances's form dissolves into dozens of tiny little dots... the dots are floating in the air like a mist, a black mist inside the doom mist, mistception.. except it's not a mist, it's a swawm of ants, flying cranky gurl-power laced ants ready to so not so gently insert themselves into the nasal cavities of the kitty beasties that cometh. She's been in worse digestive systems before... onto the lungs!

".. Then let it go?" Alistair doesn't seem to understand why anyone would want to keep holding on to something when they need to fight and defend themselves. Maybe he just doesn't get the animals instincts. Probably. Instead, when the Sheriff makes his announcement, Alistair just slowly starts to fade into.. the.. background.. That's right - ignore the yellow robed weirdo. The shouting person is far more noticable.

Sean steps up a bit as well letting the wrapping fall off his sword, "And if you don't want a trial don't come peacefully. I'm Sir Sean Callahan, Knight of the Thorned Wreath and Hound for the Prince. I've been tasked to eliminate threats to our city. I'd appreciate the opportunity to see those who I'll be killing if you don't want to take the Sheriff up on his offer."

Lurk will hang back with the monkeys, leaving Alistair to join in the fray as he sees fit.

The little monkey Tiarnan peeled off and tried to give to Alistair, immediately freaks out completely, screaming and squealing, not liking the idea of going to the Haunt at /all/. Luckily, Alistair vanishes again. Unluckily, the squirrel monkey scampers off, only to be scooped up and crunched into by the first of the advancing panthers, whom, Frances' myriad ants suddenly zoom into the nostrils of.

It immediately stops, shakes its head, and sneezes mightily, some of the teeny anty Franceses blowing out of its nose all covered in black leopard snot.

There's laughter in the distance from the cafe in responde to Tiarnan and Sean's demands.

The first horseman is pestilence.. don't these mortals know this? The coronavirus is just the first step, next there will be more plagues including swarming insects, woo! This is a perfectly not-weird at all moment as the goo-covered Fran-ants make their way further into the panther's body. It's like inhaling fireants, stingers at the ready but these are bitey and hungry and all the gooood and chewy sensitive bits are inside, she's inside. To say that she's hungry is always an understatement... okay maybe she might be trying to bore through the lungs into the other gooey bits. Nom nom nom...

Meanwhile, that monkey clinging on Lurk starts to viciously bite her and pull her hair, chewing on the mighty Mara's face-meat!

There's a lion. Just up there all of a suddenly and leaping at Tiarnan, trying to maul him with a grapple, but it misses!

Watching as the Panther, Lion, and .... monkey attack them, Tiarnan sidesteps the king of the jungle and calls out to the group. "Do nae hurt the animals if ye donnae have to. This is nae by their doing." he declares in a voice that raises above the chatter. Then he reaches down to grab a rock, a nice sized one. In a fluid motion he bites his hand to smear blood on the rock and LAUNCHES it with a whole lot of Vigor as far as he can...

All of the big cats (save for the panther Frances has made all woozy), scamper off after the rock Tiarnan throws. Unfortunately, his throw was so good it leaves the zoo entirely, and they follow. Ohdear.

You know when you're invisible and all of a sudden things even get crazy? And you know how you can just.. Make some distance? Alistair does that - predominately heading towards where the group were previously. His hunched overness demonstrates a growing sense of tension in the Creep's guts, the innate sense that any Creep has - the ability to sniff out trouble, and avoid it.

Yet here he is, skulking his way into it. His hands clench into tight fists, causing the leather to creak.

When the monkey decides to turn against its new Mama, Lurk apparently decides to be the disciplinarian parent. That is to say, this monkey's about to have a long, strange journey through a world of confusion, pain, and reform. "HEY!" She barks sharply at it, even as she's sissy-slapping that gumming primate with the tips of fingers in a battering that'd make any normal kid back off. This is, however, not an appropriate response to something that's trying, rather spectacularly unsuccessfully mind you, to eat your face.

"STOP THAT!" ... nope. Still not working.

The Mara begins to consider her options, even as the battle begins and rages on around her. There is the call not to hurt the animals, of course, and she hears Tiarnan. She really does. It's just hard to pay it any mind when something is shrieking in your ear and violating your face holes in fashions best left to questionable dark web streaming. ... That isn't to say what happens next is on anybody's 'Recommended' on YouTube, of course, but here we go.

Her temper ... is lost.

Mommy's been drinking.

In short: Lurk ... changes. Her mouth, moments ago a fairly normal thing, splits wide and monstrous with great, cruel fangs that stretch out the yawning divide that has opened the lower half of her face like some demented moray. Her hair is replaced with lashing, sucker-covered tentacles that go about their business gripping at the screaming beast that's clung to her face. And oh... oh my, does it scream. Horrid talons elongate her already too-long fingers like chitinous, ridged claws, now used to puncture into the little critter, only to shove it inward toward her gullet belly-first. It is then hoovered in like ramen, practically inhaled, snapping bone and severing ligaments as it goes, tale slurped in like a wildly flailing noodle before she begins to chew on the furry appendage.

Lurk has handled the monkey.

Alistair was right.

"Help! Help me!" Sean sees her, standing over by the cafe. It's Alexia!

Flowing red hair and bright green eyes command attention from almost any distance, making this woman stand out in a crowd. She stands about five and a half feet tall, not exactly enough to tower over a crowd, but at least enough that she can still be found if she feels a need. She moves with the confidence of one not used to being overlooked when she has need of someone's time. The glint of metal from a simple nose stud draws attention to her face and a light dusting of freckles the radiates out from the bridge of her nose to her cheeks, highlighting strong cheekbones and warm features. "Sean, help me!"

Slowest thinker laughs last right? So as the rest of the kindred handle the animals safely and... humanely for the most part Sean's just watching it go down for a moment. Then he spots his ghoul... Who's not supposed to be here at all so he pivots on his foot in good military fashion heading towards the cafe, "My Ghoul's needing help. Where were these other enemies at?" He's got no idea where Alistair's at but he had said something about more than one of them right?

The ant-swarm, unfortunately misses the whole nom nomming of the Mara, Tia's epic tossing of rocks and the potential trap set for Sean as she sloshes around inside the now worn the hell out beastie. It's gotta suck not being able to breathe, all those bites, poor poor thing but hey at least it's not dead .. yet. She'll spend her time crawling through goo-infested sinuses, trachea tubes and all of that so she can get her swarm back together to plot and plan against the next breathing victim.

Tiarnan is able to witness the monkey devouring and a glare is given Lurk, but he passes in silence to follow Sean. Yeah it probably is a trap, so better he be near when it is sprung. "Take care, lad." the Irishman offers his wisdom while remaining just a few steps behind, keeping his feral senses alert for danger. "They are still around here to be sure."

"Sean, help meeee." Alexia calls out to him, reaching out with both arms.

Sean looks over at Tiarnan, "I'm almost positive it's a trap I know." He continues towards Alexia with her arms outstretched, "But I can't take the risk that it's really her and she needs help." He's still looking around and likely all sorts of danger sense goose bumps. But it's a creepy night anyways.

"... Well, that'ss a poor idea..." Lurk mentions as she hears Sean, her words harder to understand as she speaks through those massive teeth. There's still a froth of blood on her dark lips, and her alien gaze watches the Spina and the woman calling out to him. "... sshould be quite a sshow."

Alistair raises up his left hand while still hiding like an absolute top tier Nosferatu in the grip of Obfuscate. His hand twitches for a moment, and the shadows around 'Alexia' seem to darken for a moment - but then fades away as he fails to invoke whatever weird occult nonsense he was upto. Then, POOF. The pair vanish.

His right hand thumbs away at his phone, and Lurk gets a 'blip' on her cellphone.

The swarm simply becomes one as a Frances appears with a very pissed off, "Fuck...they got Sean...!"

"Oh, Sean... thank goodness! I knew you wouldn't let me down. I knew I could depend on you. Come with me!--I know where to find their leader!" She wraps her arms about you, holding you close.

When they disappear, Tiarnan stops abruptly and stares for a few seconds. The Gangrel sniffs at the air as if thinking he might be able to pick up their scent. "Hold on...remain calm." he states, brows furrowed as one of the Kindred of the city goes POOF right under his nose. "Let us think on this a moment. Where could they have gone? The shadow?" he questions with a glance at the others. "I donnae ken how or why. Does a ghoul have that kind of power? Can a ghoul make others vanish like that?"

Sean strongarms her to keep her at arms length, "There's enemies around. I'd told you to go to the Elysium. Why are you here?" He looks around a bit, "And what help did you need you seem safe enough."

"I had to come look after you! I couldn't take the chance that something might happen to you! I love you. Me and Cheryl... what would we do without you? We're a family..." she starts to cry. "Did I do wrong?"

Alistair's is just there again. It's easy to ignore him. Eyes slide off him. But now he's visible. The fascade of being easily ignored starts to fade as he speaks, voice and tone more confident in the darkness of Oregon Zoo. "They're abducting people now. Yes? Threats within threats. Like the entrails told us."

Sean shakes his head, "You know I need you safe to focus on my duties. You've pulled me from the task at hand and put us all in danger." He looks around again, "We need to get you moving out of here so I can get on with my work."

"Okay, I'll run and leave you to your business. After all, we wouldn't want anything to //KILL THE SHERIFF//, would we?" Then she moves away, running, and you appear again.

Sean reappears! Alexia is gone.

As Sean suddenly reappears, Frances will take a step back, "Stay away from him, there might be somethin wrong with him.. need someone who knows what the fuck they are doin to look over him and it ain't me." Newp, Frances does NOT trust the magical return of Sean.. she's totes spooooked.

Sean blinks as he looks around. Alexia's gone. Then he turns and faces the others. The Hound begins walking towards them, "Sheriff. You will die by my hand tonight. Prepare yourself." The blade comes up as he faces Tiarnan.

While Tiarnan is sniffing, and walking to search for clues as to what just happened to Sean and his ghoul...Sean comes back! What a relief, right? Then the blade comes up and the Hound issues his threat, causing the old Dead Wolf to tilt his head at him like a curious canine. "This dooes nae seem right..." he states the obvious, but doesn't seem overly concerned about the sword aimed at him. "Lad, come are being influenced. Ye donnae want to do this. Break free of whatever it is..."

Sean shakes his head a bit, "If you don't defend yourself you will die where you stand." His stance shifts, "You have been warned." He's still waiting giving Tiarnan proper time to prepare for the duel invoked by the Spina. Please keep talking to the Spina notttthingg bad can happen...

"Lad...lower the weapon. Ye ken it will nae hurt me." Tiarnan says to the other Kindred. "Submit so I can return ye to Elysium and we can look after ye and figure out what has happened." the Sheriff says to Sean in a calming voice, trying to be the voice of reason as he takes a step closer, right toward the sword.

While her toss isn't nearly as good at Tia's, she'll grab a hefty bit of wood off of a tree a little ways away from the pair of you and fling it at Tia. "Take care of him Sheriff..." Damn, she called him Sheriff, that's never a good sign. Hopefully he can catch and hopefully he's stronger than she or at least strong enough to do what needs doing.

The duel has been issued and Tiarnan tried his best to talk him down, but the Spina begins to attack. Fortunately, the Sheriff is quick and just as Sean twitches in preparation to attack, he moves in a blur of motion. A bare hand comes down on the sword to grab it and jerk the blade away, but in his effort to disarm, he snaps the thin rapier by accident, tossing the offending end away. The wood thrown to him by Frances is missed and bounces off him. Woops. "Sean, ye must ken I donnae wish to do this, lad."

Sean shifts his stance and nods as Tiarnan gets closer. Then begins his lunge the blade aiming for the other vampire's arm... Then the blade is much shorter than he'd expected it to be. But will this stop the Knight? Probably not there's still sharp edges it's just a flesh wound! "I know you don't. All I know is I need to kill the Sheriff." He pushes towards Tiarnan still.

She knows that Tiarnan can take care of himself so for now Frances just keeps a lookout just in case this is some kind of added distraction to bombard them with something else. Now she waits for doom or silence by the pair of dueling kindred.

"Sean, lad..." he begins, brushing his hands off after dirtying them with the blade. "Apologies for what I must do." Tiarnan declares to him with a slight headshake. While Sean is deciding on his next course of action, the old Dead Wolf reaches down to get that piece of wood, hopefully in the general shape of a stake. "Ye will thank me some day."

Sean lunges forward with what's left of his rapier. He lands a hit... That's better than he was expecting to do against the Sheriff. Why did he pick this fight? Either way he's going to give it his best, "You know you could at least attempt to fight." He begins to shift his footing again to pull what's left of his blade out. Next time Pincushion time!

This all needs to end now so they can get back and take care of Sean. They need to get him looked after. So he waits for the Spina to strike, not expecting him to put everything into it... and sticks him with what is left of the rapier, despite attempts to step out of the way. Glancing at the weapon piercing his undead flesh, he grunts out, "Ow..." Stake in hand, he brings it up in a swift smooth motion to impale Sean with it, driving the wood in deep if not very accurate thanks to the unholy power behind it.

"Alright that's settled.. you bringin him home or me?" Frances will state as she makes her way towards the pair continuing with an, "I got it if you got other stuff to do..." She'll be sure to grab the bit of sword that was broken off the ground and the rest of it after Tia healed it out of him to be fixed laters. Unless Tia insists... she'll take Sean off his hands and get him to a safe haven, the safe haven that she crashes in sometimes that she totes pawned off of the Prince, cause reasons...

"Aye, ye can take him." Tiarnan agrees, reaching up to remove the bit of rapier in his shoulder left after he staked Sean. "I will continue to search the area for clues. We need to know where they went...oh and I suppose I should get the animals back, hmm? Be safe, lass." the Sheriff tells her, then goes about doing as he stated while Frances takes Sean back to get medical attention.