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General Application Guidelines

Shared World

When creating a character on Echoes in the Mist, please keep in mind that this is a persistent game shared by other players. Concepts that may work fine in a standard tabletop setting may not work as well in an online environment. That said, here are the steps you need to follow to create a character on Echoes in the Mist!

Starting Experience

All characters on Echoes in the Mist start play with 20 Experience points. An additional 5 Experience points can be earned through the completion of a Background for your character.

Template Selection

Mortal: The brave folk of Portland, the backbone of the city.
Mortal+: Psychics, Atariya, Lost Boys and Psychic Vampires.
Ghoul: Those who cannot stop, the ones claimed by the night.
Vampire: The Damned, immortals who consume the living.
Wolf-Blooded: The adopted children of Moon and Wolf.
Werewolf: The Forsaken, primordial half-spirit half-flesh predators.


Not only a way to earn an extra 5 Experience points, writing a background is a great way to give staff an idea of who your character is. Some things, we can generally puzzle together by looking at your stat choices, notes, etc. In a background, though, you can tell us about that criminal 'employer' you stole a hundred grand from before faking your death, or the fact that the vast majority of your family are Anshega, and furious with you for embracing Luna and joining the Forsaken. These types of things give us ideas. Plotty ideas. Fun, exciting, possibly terrible and twisted ideas. Muhahaha.

Each sphere has its own set of general background questions; these give a solid basis to work from. Backgrounds can be narrative in nature, or simple question/answer format. Help on the commands to set this up is found in-game, by typing +help bg.


Choose one Long Term aspiration, and two Short Term aspirations for your character. Long Term Aspirations are things you will not be expected to accomplish fast or easily. Short Term Aspirations are things a character could accomplish even within the span of a single scene!

Important:: We have a coded Aspirations system in the game. All actions pertaining to aspirations are to go through this system, from pitching them to fulfilling them. These do NOT go into your character approval job. Help on the commands is available in-game, by typing +help asp.

Breaking Points

Mortal characters with Integrity (Humans, Mortal+, Ghouls and Wolf-Blooded) all follow the same, basic Breaking Points. Those details should go into a +note on yourself that you set. Help on the commands for setting notes is available in-game, by typing +help notes.

Bio Details

All characters, regardless of template, have certain basic details that need filling in. These are your Bio Settings, and include things like Full Name, Birthdate, Gender and Concept.

For Humans, Mortal+, Ghouls and Wolf-Blooded, this is now the time to choose your Virtue and Vice. For Vampires, fields like Clan, Covenant, Mask and Dirge are available. For Werewolves, Auspice, Tribe, Deed Name and the like.

Help on the commands for setting these is available in-game, by typing +help bio settings.


Vampires and Werewolves have Touchstones. Vampires pick one (see Vampire: the Requiem, p. 87) while Werewolves pick two -- one for Flesh and another for Spirit (see Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition, p. 87). Please tell us about your Touchstone(s) and how they connect your character to the mortal world in a +note on yourself.

Finishing Touches

Don't forget to spend your Experience! You may submit your desired Experience spends with your character approval job. While staff reviews everything, it's a great time to go over your character and fill in any 'blanks' you missed along the way. Set a description, fill out your +finger info, or even get to work on a wiki!

Wiki Page

To request a Wiki account send a +request to staff with the desired Username and a valid email address. It's that simple!

Create Character Page

The instructions below are important. FOLLOW THEM.
  • Enter your character's first and last name in the box after Character:
  • Just use first and last name. No middle names, no nicknames in quotes. Just first and last name. If you have a very long name with multiple parts, nicknames, or aliases, there is optional space on the form later where you can add all of this. Exceptionally long names will break our listings, and nobody's got patience for that.
  • If the name includes any special punctuation, such as apostrophes, dashes, or accented characters do not include it in the page name. Only use A through Z, in upper and lower case, and spaces. There's a place on the form where you can safely include these elements, and they will display properly across the wiki without breaking things.
  • Do not include underscores. The wiki will insert them for you as needed.


Sphere-specific information can be accessed by clicking on the headers, below.

Mortal Sphere Application Guidelines

Backgrounds can be written however the player prefers, either in Narrative fashion, bullet points or by providing answers to the Questionnaire below. Backgrounds are optional, but award 5 additional Experience points when submitted.

Optional Background Questions

  • Brief synopsis of your life. Where are you from? How did you grow up, etc.
  • What's the worst thing you've ever done? The worst thing you can imagine another person doing?
  • Any encounters with the supernatural? If you are Mortal+, how did that come about? If you are part of a Mystery Cult, tell us about that.
  • IC or OOC: If you have any, what are your goals?


  • No mundane Status above 3.
  • Hurt Locker Template (Lost Boys, Atariya, Psychic Vampires) may not take Supernatural (Psychic) merits outside of their template. Supernatural Resistance is the one exception.
  • No Mystery Cult Initiation above 3. (Note: At Mystery Cult 3, staff requires a justification. Staff will be more than happy to assist with this)

Vampire Sphere Application Guidelines

Vampires and Werewolves have Touchstones. Vampires pick one. Please tell us about your Touchstone(s) and how they connect your character to the mortal world in a +note on yourself. Vampires may have more if they've bought dots of the Touchstone Merit. Write briefly about each of them in your +notes.
Merit Dots
Vampires and Ghouls begin play with 10 Merit dots.
Virtue and Vice
All Mortal/Mortal+, Ghouls, and Wolf-blooded characters have a Virtue and a Vice.
Mask and Dirge
Vampire characters have a Mask and a Dirge.
Vampire Character Creation is outlined in Vampire the Requiem: 2nd ed. NOTE: The Incentives can't get you above the CG Restrictions!
All Kindred start with Praxis Status 1 for free. It may be purchased to 3 in CG, but you need a good reason in your BG. Praxis Status is only earned on Echoes in the Mists, through deeds and recognition by the Harpies. As of this time, Clan and Covenant Status are purchased, as normal, up to 3 dots.
Be sure to look at the Clans pages to see what Bloodlines are allowed!
You may or may not Activate your Bloodline at CharGen. This determines your in-Clan Disciplines.
Blood Potency is limited to 4 at CharGen.
Vampire Background Questions
  • A brief synopsis of your mortal life.
  • Who is your sire and how did you meet them? (even if the PC does not know the truth)
  • What was your Embrace like?
  • Have you ever killed anyone or committed Diablerie?
  • Why did you join your current Covenant, if you belong to one?
  • How does your character view the Revolution? Was she in Portland during the upheaval? Did she have a part to play in it?
  • If you are apping an Elder, will your character hide their age?

Werewolf Sphere Application Guidelines

Background Questionnaire
  • Did you suspect you were different before you knew your blood/Changed?
  • What was your First Change, or first encounter with Werewolves, like?
  • Have you ever Death Raged? (Wolf-Blooded, did you ever Dalu?
  • How and why did you join your Tribe?
  • How did you join your Pack?
  • How did you join your Lodge? (If applicable.)
Werewolves must have two, one for Flesh and another for Spirit. Information on them should be contained within a +note on the character.
Blood and Bone
Werewolf characters must have a Blood and a Bone (see Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition, p. 85). Additional Bloods and Bones can be found here.
Kuruth Triggers
Werewolves need to set a +note with their Kuruth Triggers. Each character has one Passive, one Common and one Specific trigger (see Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition, p. 103). Additional Kuruth triggers can be found here.
Merits Requiring +Notes
A number of Merits in the system need +notes set on them, detailing information that isn't immediately obvious by looking at one's +sheet. This list may or may not be complete -- if anything's been forgotten, staff will notify you during your approval process. (✵ - Werewolves Only)
Werewolves need to set a +note talking about how they got their levels of Renown. Dots gained from the First Change and from Tribal Initiation can just be mentioned as such. Additional dots need a story to go with them. See our Raising Renown page to see what sorts of things work at these levels.
House Rules
Starting Gifts
Every Werewolf receives the following Gift facets to start out:
  • 1 level of your Moon Gift per dot in Auspice Renown.
  • 2 Shadow Gift facets (Ghost Wolves get one, as they don't have a dot of Tribal Renown).
  • 1 Wolf Gift facet.
The facets need to line up with the character's starting Renown dots. Facets are, in essence, a 'reward' for gaining Renown. Gain a dot of Glory Renown, get a Glory facet. You don't get a Cunning facet for raising your Wisdom.
Any Lodges not already updated for 2nd Edition require conversion to the 2E rules set using the guidelines from The Pack, page 80. Starting play already having joined a Lodge is allowed, but information on how the character joined must be contained either in the character's background, or in a +note if the player opted out of writing a background.
First Tongue
Known automatically by all Uratha. Because of that, we do not add it to your +sheet.
All Werewolves receive 1 free dot of the Totem Merit at character generation.
  • Primal Urge above 3.
  • Any single Renown above 4.
  • Any mundane Status above 3.
  • Mystery Cult Initiation above 2.
Background Questionnaire
  • Do your Tells make day to day life difficult?
  • How were you treated by local Werewolves?
  • How were you treated by Mortal society?
  • What makes being a Wolf Blooded bearable for you?
  • How did you join your Pack?
Virtue and Vice
All Wolf-Blooded characters must have both a Virtue and a Vice.
Breaking Points
Wolf-Blooded follow the basic Breaking Points. Additional, personalized Breaking Points may be detailed in a +note on the character.
Wolf-Blooded begin play with two free Tells, and are required to have at least one. Additional Tells may be purchased with starting Merit points, or Experience points.
Merits Requiring +Notes
A number of Merits in the system need +notes set on them, detailing information that isn't immediately obvious by looking at one's +sheet. Refer to the list in the Werewolf section above; if you have any of the Merits not marked with a star (✵), the necessary information will need to be +noted on your character. Additionally, some Wolf-Blooded Tells that require +notes are listed below.
House Rules
First Tongue
Cannot be learned as a language by Wolf-Blooded PCs. If a Wolf-Blooded wishes to speak or understand First Tongue, they must take the Tongues Tell.
Wolf-Blooded characters with the Pack Bond Merit may purchase Totem; one dot at Pack Bond
, and up to five dots at
 Echoes-Dot.png Echoes-Dot.png Echoes-Dot.png
  • No Mortal+ Supernatural Merits.
  • No more than one Moon Birth Merit.
  • No more than one Tribal Affiliate Merit.
  • No mundane Status above 3.
  • No Mystery Cult Initiation above 3.