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Echoes in the Mist is designed with 5 core themes in mind. These are not the only possible themes one can explore in the setting, but will be the core foundation with which Staff approaches the game.

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Tigers and Bears

Kindred and Uratha inhabit the same world. A MAD world. Mutually-Assured Destruction. Both are apex predators. Both share a hunting ground. But they must coexist. Thankfully, they hunt different prey. Sporadic violence between vampires and werewolves is as inevitable as sporadic violence among vampires and among werewolves (and among humans). But an all out, large scale war is unthinkable to both. They have almost nothing to gain, and everything to lose.

  • This Core Theme applies when members from more than one Sphere are present in the scene, for good or ill.

More Things in Heaven and Earth

What you don't know will kill you. Besides Kindred and Uratha, the World of Darkness is a panoply of the strange and the unknown. Cursed trinkets, shadowy life thieves, prehistoric murderfish and so much more lurk in the dark. While the Kindred and Uratha fancy themselves the top of the food chain, there are places so dark and unknowable that even they fear to tread.

  • This Core Theme applies when elements introduced are beyond the scope of the characters' prior experience.

Blood Always Spills

There's always a cost. Amazing strength and senses come with a hair trigger temper. Immortality comes with hunger. Nothing is for free, and there is always violence or loss as a possibility.

  • This Core Theme applies when there is a significant risk - or occurrence - of violence or loss in the scene.

At Night, the Ice Weasels Come

There is an absurd quality to the world. Things can be funny, and they can be painless. But truth is stranger than fiction, and in the World of Darkness, oddity is a little more exposed. From the occasional monster out of a B-Movie to an ancient order of Samurai Schoolgirls, there is room in the darkness for a little light, but what is revealed is rarely pretty.

  • This Core Theme applies when the unique and bizarre (and sometimes funny!) are highlighted in the scene.

Death and Rebirth

Nothing lasts, and everything changes. Sometimes change is positive, a city grows, a bank account increases, a predator secures fertile hunting grounds. Change can be negative. A cancerous growth, urban decay, financial collapse. Portland is a city constantly cycling through cycles of Growth and Decay.

  • This Core Theme applies when change - for better or for worse - is a significant element of the scene.