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Shared World

When creating a character on Echoes in the Mist, please keep in mind that this is a persistent game shared by other players. Concepts that may work fine in a standard tabletop setting may not work as well in an online environment. That said, here are the steps you need to follow to create a character on Echoes in the Mist!

Starting Experience

All characters on Echoes in the Mist start play with 20 Experience points. An additional 5 Experience points can be earned through the completion of a Background for your character.

Template Selection

Mortal: The brave folk of Portland, the backbone of the city.
Mortal+: Psychics, Atariya, Lost Boys and Psychic Vampires.
Ghoul: Those who cannot stop, the ones claimed by the night.
Vampire: The Damned, immortals who consume the living.
Wolf-Blooded: The adopted children of Moon and Wolf.
Werewolf: The Forsaken, primordial half-spirit half-flesh predators.


Not only a way to earn an extra 5 Experience points, writing a background is a great way to give staff an idea of who your character is. Some things, we can generally puzzle together by looking at your stat choices, notes, etc. In a background, though, you can tell us about that criminal 'employer' you stole a hundred grand from before faking your death, or the fact that the vast majority of your family are Anshega, and furious with you for embracing Luna and joining the Forsaken. These types of things give us ideas. Plotty ideas. Fun, exciting, possibly terrible and twisted ideas. Muhahaha.

Each sphere has its own set of general background questions; these give a solid basis to work from. Backgrounds can be narrative in nature, or simple question/answer format. Help on the commands to set this up is found in-game, by typing +help bg.


Choose one Long Term aspiration, and two Short Term aspirations for your character. Long Term Aspirations are things you will not be expected to accomplish fast or easily. Short Term Aspirations are things a character could accomplish even within the span of a single scene!

Important:: We have a coded Aspirations system in the game. All actions pertaining to aspirations are to go through this system, from pitching them to fulfilling them. These do NOT go into your character approval job. Help on the commands is available in-game, by typing +help asp.

Breaking Points

Mortal characters with Integrity (Humans, Mortal+, Ghouls and Wolf-Blooded) all follow the same, basic Breaking Points. Those details should go into a +note on yourself that you set. Help on the commands for setting notes is available in-game, by typing +help notes.

Bio Details

All characters, regardless of template, have certain basic details that need filling in. These are your Bio Settings, and include things like Full Name, Birthdate, Gender and Concept.

For Humans, Mortal+, Ghouls and Wolf-Blooded, this is now the time to choose your Virtue and Vice. For Vampires, fields like Clan, Covenant, Mask and Dirge are available. For Werewolves, Auspice, Tribe, Deed Name and the like.

Help on the commands for setting these is available in-game, by typing +help bio settings.


Vampires and Werewolves have Touchstones. Vampires pick one (see Vampire: the Requiem, p. 87) while Werewolves pick two -- one for Flesh and another for Spirit (see Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition, p. 87). Please tell us about your Touchstone(s) and how they connect your character to the mortal world in a +note on yourself.

Finishing Touches

Don't forget to spend your Experience! You may submit your desired Experience spends with your character approval job. While staff reviews everything, it's a great time to go over your character and fill in any 'blanks' you missed along the way. Set a description, fill out your +finger info, or even get to work on a wiki!

Wiki Page

To request a Wiki account send a +request to staff with the desired Username and a valid email address. It's that simple!

Create Character Page

The instructions below are important. FOLLOW THEM.
  • Enter your character's first and last name in the box after Character:
  • Just use first and last name. No middle names, no nicknames in quotes. Just first and last name. If you have a very long name with multiple parts, nicknames, or aliases, there is optional space on the form later where you can add all of this. Exceptionally long names will break our listings, and nobody's got patience for that.
  • If the name includes any special punctuation, such as apostrophes, dashes, or accented characters do not include it in the page name. Only use A through Z, in upper and lower case, and spaces. There's a place on the form where you can safely include these elements, and they will display properly across the wiki without breaking things.
  • Do not include underscores. The wiki will insert them for you as needed.