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Players on Echoes are encouraged to actively run scenes for others. To this end, Staff will provide multiple Story Seeds originating from various NPCs. These, however, are not the only plots capable of being run by a player. Aside from the following exceptions, players have significant leeway to run a plot.

Read the full policy text.

Forbidden and Restricted Elements

Forbidden Plots

  • The God Machine
  • Other Splats' Realms (Hedge, Supernal, Abyss, Etc.)
  • Child Abuse
  • Gods (Rank 5+ Ephemerals)

Restricted Plot Elements
While allowed, these plot elements require pre-approval of Headstaff to be used:

  • Staff-Featured NPCs
  • Rank 4+ Ephemerals
  • Rank 3-4 Idigam
  • Destruction of Grid
  • Other Splat NPCs (Mage, Changeling, Etc.)
  • Other Splat Antagonists (Banishers, Abyssals, Etc.)
  • Packs of Pure or Bale Hounds
  • Coteries of VII
  • Groups of Strix
  • Coteries of Belial's Brood

Does Not Require Approval

  • Rank 1-3 Ephemerals
  • Solo Pure or Bale Hound
  • Solo Strix, VII or Belial's Brood
  • Custom Monsters

Desired Plot Elements


  • Scene involves four or more Player Characters.
  • Scene features some noteworthy real-life Portland element in a significant fashion.
    Note: Merely basing a scene in an actual Portland location does not qualify a scene for this reward.
  • Social challenges, from Trivia Nights for bragging rights to City Hall favor-exchanging scenes.
  • Non-Combat Physical Challenges.
  • Mental Challenges, from police investigations to puzzle solving or book searching.


  • Scene is comprised solely of characters with minor templates (this can include Wolf-Blooded and Ghouls).
  • Mortal Cult-Specific Scene
  • Scene involves the Supernatural
  • Always the Little Guy: Scene features a situation or challenge that's over the characters' heads.


  • Feed or hunting scenes, dice rolled or not.
  • Scenes upon which a vampire meaningfully interacts with her Touchstone.
  • Political Scenes where pacts and bargains are struck to further someone's aims.
  • Covenant-specific Scene. Only scenes that touch upon Covenant-specific themes qualify for this Beat.
  • Scene features interaction between multiple members of a Coterie.


  • Hunt or Chase Scene
  • Spirit Interaction
  • Scene features Territory as a predominant theme.
  • Interaction or coordination with members of another pack.
  • Incorporation of one or more Rites in the scene.

Plot Rewards

Storytellers and PCs participating in plots gain certain rewards. No one award is eligible more than once per scene. When submitting a log of a plot, please note what rewards are eligible. All rewards are equal to 1 Beat. Plot rewards for the storyteller will be granted as player experience, which can be transferred to any of the storyteller's registered alts. You can only earn 10 Beats (2XP) max from player run plots in a week.

  • Core Themes: Scene features one of the game's Core Themes.
  • Open Invitation: Scene is made available for anyone to participate in, or anyone in a specified Sphere.
  • Pre-Approval: Scene is pre-approved by Staff. This usually applies to plots posted as +events.
  • Plot Finale: Scene is the final step of a multi-scene plot.
  • Danger Zone!: Scene involves genuine physical, mental, or social risk to the characters involved.
  • Desired Elements: Scene has one of the Desired Elements above. A character can claim two Generic Beats and one Sphere-Specific Beat.
  • New People Into The Plot: Scene provides significant IC information designed to draw others into a pre-existing plot.

Submission To make things easier on both Storytellers and Staff, the following is an example of how plot/event submissions should look:

Log is posted at:
Storyteller: Ecliptic
Participants: Moonshrimp, Sasquatch, Blackwater, Harvester
Rewards: Core Theme: Tigers and Bears, Desired Element: 4+ Player Characters, Open Invitation, Soundtrack, Pre-Approval
Projected Beats: 5

You could write the request up manually using the following template:

+request Plot: <plot name here>=%R%xhLog is posted at:%xn <link to log>%R%xhStoryteller:%xn <name>%R%xhParticipants:%xn <list of names>%R%xhRewards:%xn <list of eligible rewards>%R%xhProjected Beats:%xn <total of beats>%R

OR... Make your life even easier by using the amazing interactive form that Ecliptic coded up, that has drop-down menus and spits out the +request for you and everything! (Srsly, save yourself the headache and use it.)