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This page collects a variety of resources for players, including house rules, wiki help, game help, code tips, played-by listings, and similar useful tips, tricks, and tutorials.

Adult Content
Policy regarding adult content, both in the game and on the wiki.
Clarifications on waiting periods in place on Echoes.
Policy on alt maximums and conflict/interaction issues that may arise.
Application Guidelines
Application guidelines for the MUX.
How aspirations are handled on the game.
List of books in use on Echoes in the Mist.
Breaking Points
Guidelines for Breaking Points, required for all Human, Atariya, Ghoul, Lost Boy, Psychic, Psychic Vampire, and Wolf-Blooded characters.
Building on the MUX
A how-to guide to request a build on Echoes in the Mist.
Policy on cheaty-type behavior at Echoes.
Conditions in Play
Conditions in use on Echoes in the Mist.
Consent policies and related player rights on the game.
Crafting Rules
How crafting custom items and modifying existing equipment is handled in game.
Equipment Index
A listing of the equipment available in-game.
Equipment Rules
Rules for the procurement of equipment at Echoes.
Earning experience at Echoes.
Experience Transfers
Policy on transferring experience from a permanently retired character.
General Incentives
Available incentives on the MUX, in character creation or during play.
House Rules
House Rules for Echoes in the Mist.
IC Leadership
Policy on IC leadership positions and responsibilities at Echoes.
IC Time
Clarification on IC time intervals on Echoes.
Idle Timeout
Policy on idle time for Echoes.
All incentives available on Echoes in the Mists.
Merits in Play
Master list of Merits in play. (May take a moment to load.)
How the Neighborhoods system works on the game.
Played by Listing
Played by listing for the MUX.
Player Ethics
Policy on ethical conduct expected of Echoes players.
Player Run Plots
Policy for player-run plots on Echoes.
Player Versus Player
Policy on player versus player (PvP) actions at Echoes.
Game Policies
Policies for all aspects of the game.
RPG References
A collection of RPG references.
Policy on requesting a respec for a character on Echoes.
Staff Ethics
Policy on the ethical conduct expected of Staff members at Echoes.
Tilts in Play
Tilts in use on Echoes in the Mist.
Clarifications on Vitae, addiction, and vinculum.