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Drawn In
(2020-06-26) 9-to-5 ignores common sense to heed an Obsession.
Cast  • Character:John_McDermot_/_9-to-5Culmination
(2020-06-24) Awkward Guardian sexual tension turns into flight for life from things too strange to face.
Location  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Cast  • Geneva Rose Sterling Pagan
Arachnophobics Anonymous
(2020-06-23) Outreachers meet with L. Friar about the way forward.
Cast  • Rowan McKenna Brendan Phillips Virgil R. Greaves Culmination
Get Vet
Location  • Grid:Kendall Planetarium
Cast  • Geneva Rose Sterling Avraham Ben-David Character:John_McDermot_/_9-to-5GraceCulminationPagan
The Dance Around St. Johns
(2020-06-20) Mages investigate St. Johns, only to meet an extraordinary pimp and his hos.
Location  • Quarantine Zone
Cast  • Grace Geneva Rose Sterling Character:John_McDermot_/_9-to-5Avraham Ben-David Culmination
(2020-06-17) Vampires investigate unsavory things going down at the zoo.
Cast  • Alistair Lurk Tiarnan Frances Desitarious
Investigation Hijacked
(2020-06-17) Mages on their way to investigation the local Gulmoth are instead rerouted to a tidy zombie horde.
Cast  • Grace Geneva Rose Sterling Avraham Ben-David John McDermot Pagan
June Kindred Court
(2020-06-09) The Kindred of Portland gather for June Court
Cast  • Frances Tiarnan Desitarious Lurk Alistair Eamonn O'Kelly Micaela Garcia Ursula Antoun Santino Crea Raedwald
Seaside Sacrifice
(2020-06-07) Two Guardians do a friend of a friend of a friend a favor to go talk to a powerful Apostate gone Rampant, but what they discover is far from what was expected.
Location  • Grid:Seaside
Cast  • Character:John_McDermot_/_9-to-5Geneva Rose Sterling Culmination
Falcon's Roost
(2020-06-05) A Mastigos Ladder and a Moros Guardian team up to investigate the Villa St. Rose and the recent attack there only to discover things are much worse than they believed.
Location  • Grid:Villa St. Rose
Cast  • Avraham Ben-David Grace Culmination
State of the Consilium
(2020-06-03) {{{summary}}}
Location  • Grid:Merlin Hall
Cast  • Giovanna Bivar Avraham Ben-David Geneva Rose Sterling Character:John_McDermot_/_9-to-5Grace Pagan CulminationEric Owens
(2020-05-30) After a rescue attempt goes terribly wrong, an unaccepting Mage goes back ten minutes in time to try and enable members of Outreach to save themselves... with a little Haily Mary help from a brand-new friend. A handful that were destined for death or worse get a second chance to avoid their fate.
Location  • Grid:Early Saturday Wake-Up
Cast  • Brendan Phillips Rowan McKenna Avraham Ben-David Culmination
(2020-05-30) Brendan meets the mysterious Mr. Ben-David, who reveals he's the factor for whoever it is that's behind the Outreach Institute. But can he be trusted?
Location  • Vendetta
Cast  • Brendan Phillips Avraham Ben-David
A Touch of Whiskey at Uni
(2020-05-23) Frances shows off her new pet and Ordo conversation happens
Location  • Portland State University
Cast  • Lurk Alistair Frances
Mother is Angry
(2020-05-21) Mike and Quinn visit Ursula, where Mike glosses over his lack of letter or call the entire time he was gone, instead bringing what he claims to be a vision for her consideration.
Location  • Willamette Valley (Winery)
Cast  • Ursula Antoun Quinn Ashe Mikael
Demons on the Church Steps
(2020-05-20) After seeking solace at the same NA meeting, Day stumbles into Mikey's life quite literally.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid (Outside a Small Church)
Cast  • Dayana Oliver Mikael
Vampire Court May 2020
(2020-05-19) Court is held and the voices of the Praxis of Portland are heard. Some have more to say than others.
Location  • Forum - Elysium - Revolution Hall
Cast  • Lurk Alistair Frances Desitarious Solitaire Oubliette Yngve Winther Quinn Ashe
Murder Most Foul
(2020-05-14) Frances comes to John to reveal a murder plot against the Prince.
Location  • Lovejoy's Lodge
Cast  • Frances John Bishop
Stand And Fight
(2020-05-09) The Gangrel meet to choose a Priscus their way, with the very real threat of the mists tainting the restraint and resolve of all comers.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid Location (Lurk's Haunted Shore)
Cast  • Lurk Frances Hellcat Henry Pettygrove Tiarnan Fen Deirdre O'Shaughnessy
Ordo Initiation
(2020-05-06) Frances is initiated into the Ordo Dracul. Hooray.
Location  • University Park (Old Tuberculosis Hospital)
Cast  • Alistair Lurk Frances
Misterious Vaccination
(2020-04-24) London gets recruited for an extra hush mission for one of The Group's subdivisions.
Cast  • London Hughes Noah Silva
Communications Breakdown
(2020-04-06) Andras makes an offer to the Invictus, and does not handle being rebuffed well.
Location  • La Morte Spettro
Cast  • Andras Sean Aedan Callahan Number Five John Bishop
Into the Labyrinth Part 1
(2019-11-4) The first 'Quest' the Prince puts towards the Praxis.
Location  • Shanghai Tunnels
Cast  • Tiarnan Ellis Frances Fen Lurk Alistair Shane Flagg
No great discovery is made in your own back yard
(2019-10-20) Odysseus talks about the Sanctuaries, answers questions and gives a demonstration.
Location  • Grid:Off-Grid
Cast  • Ben Dalby Geneva Rose Sterling JaceyCharacter:James_McDermotNicholas Dwyer Rajendra (Storyteller)
Lions and Tigers and Ghouls, Oh My!
(2010-04-30) Renegade ghouls cause chaps at the Oregon Zoo.
Location  • Oregon Zoo
Cast  • Alistair Frances Lurk Sean Aedan Callahan Tiarnan


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